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black and white hoodie mens Men Rappers Wearing Skirts That's Not Swag Dude

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-12

Many people have their own opinions on why rap stars wear skirts and skirts.When tight jeans appear as a fashion trend, some people don't like to see men wearing tight jeans.Now there are rap stars wearing tight jeans and skirts together as fashion trends.Some rappers are changing skinny jeans to go with their men --shirts.
It's like, who's attracted by the new fashion trend that rappers start wearing s-k-i-r-t-s?Are their parents watching rappers on TV saying "That's my baby" or are they hurting their parents' hearts?If most mothers see their sons in skirts or skirts and show up in public, they will cry....This is just a fact.
Let's talk about ordinary people in the world who don't have a record deal, and as a famous rapper, many men are disgusted with the appearance of other men wearing skirts, especially rappers in skirts.
My daughter told me about the rappers in skirts and skirts she saw on TV, I didn't believe it at first, but then I thought about it, after all, most rappers are dark workers, so there's almost nothing.
Many conscious people believe that men wearing skirts or skirts are part of illumunati during the entertainment industry.
That's why it's called "entertainment" and it's actually fun to see a man on a TV screen wearing a dress or wearing anything related to a woman.But nowadays, more black men often wear dresses in the entertainment industry.It started as early as the day Flip Wilson served as Geraldine, a situation that began a media sampling survey of black people.
The common clothes of women's clothing should be kept as ordinary women's clothing;Otherwise, it becomes distorted humor when a man wears any ordinary women's clothing.The question is, "How many African-American actors in the entertainment industry haven't worn skirts yet?"Hopefully there's a lot of black people in the industry who don't wear skirts for extra dollars or some laughter.

If some men are Irish or similar, they have a tradition of wearing skirts/short skirts.But it was strange when a famous rapper asked him to wear a dress and skirt just because his fashion designer.There are four famous rappers wearing skirts as fashion trends that caught my attention: P.Daddy, kenywester, next to the rocks as soon as possible.Yes, it's shocking for many people because these guys in skirts, skirts and leggings are R-a-p-p-e-r-s.
The famous rapper "Loki as soon as possible" was asked in an interview "why he wore a black and white dress at BET's 106 & Park.He said he knows a few people in skirts and he will keep in touch with you and remind you....Rocky is the media of the most fashionable rapper.?????

Versace likes the fashion sense of Tupike.When does hip hop start to focus so much on fashion?We all know that rappers want everyone to think they have "Swag" but don't want to wear skirts and skirts....
Is there any hip-hop artist who wants other men to be attracted to them in order to become richer?It\'s possible;Some celebrities in the entertainment industry will spend a lot of money selling their souls.
Admittedly, Rocky is a very attractive person, smiling, and when I first saw him on TV, I thought he looked like a young version of Denzel Washington.But it would be great if he lost his dress....
Another rapper in a skirt is Kanye West, "Can you believe he's wearing his little guy ?"The skirt for the Hurricane Sandy Foundation Music show?
I asked my daughter who she thought would be the next rapper in a dress and she said it might be Wayne and Drake.Hummm....Drake in the skirt, the eyes are archedEyebrows, pink shirts and lip\'s possible.Then I told my daughter, "I think 50 cents might be the next rapper in a skirt, hum....A muscular skirt, six packs, hairy legs, 50 cents...yuck.Let's all hope this is a fashion trend in the rap music industry.
What does the Bible say about universal clothing for men and women?
Women shall not wear clothes related to men, nor shall men wear women's clothes, for all that is done is disgusted by the Lord your God.

That Bible-Since the poem;if skirts.Dresses and lootShorts are mainly known for women's wear, so men should not wear things that are mainly known for women's wear.When it comes to women wearing pants;Women are known for wearing tight pants (skinny jeans), colored nail polish, makeup, panties, bras, shirts and leggings.
Let's go deeper.Men should avoid wearing clothes related to women, for example;breasts, hair-Extended/woven, arched eyebrows and vagina.Bruce Jenner seems to have won in this field, but he actually failed in front of the most noble god.According to the Bible, women are known for wearing and men should not wear it.There are trousers worn by women (jeans that fit) and pants worn by men.Who are these "so-called" fashion designers who are trying to make all the costumes a universal fashion for men and women?
Many people have opinions about the men wearing skirts and what they think it means, especially the hip hop artists.
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