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black and white hoodie mens I Love St. John Sport Knits - The Elite Designer for Women's Knitwear

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-12
What's special about St?

Knitted by ST.The glitz of John's sequel (paillettes), St.Unique luxury in JOHN's clothing collection with 22 k plated buttons and labels (even on the sports series), ST.JOHN Knits is always the best, sometimes Square and sometimes sexy, but always created with unique colors, fabrics and buttons.
This fashion route is made up of female lawyers and politicians in their 40 s (sorry ladies if you fit here --I'm sure your personality makes you different, so rest assured!).Yes, many of the iconic pieces are too corporate, too square to bring any warmth or vitality to the clothing.But there are some soft knitted casual pants and lighter fabrics that can simply wrap you up, hug you and scream at the world --Completely elegant.
The box degree of the garment is always balanced with the delicate 22 k plated buttons, which are usually painted together in bright colors --Their own works of art.
Color of ST.John's knitting is unparalleled.ST.John's conservatism and sometimes ambiguity are very bold in color.They are not only bright but also unique in color.Their colors are always a real celebration for clothing.Ironically, many of their famous ads are black and white, showing the hang of the outfit and iconic models like Angelina Jolie.

The iconic ads launched with founder's daughter, Kelly Gray, were so popular that many ladies revealed that they only bought Vanity Fair magazine for St. GrayJohn ads.Kelly Gray's advertisement is a direct mirror invented by St. Gray.JOHN -Reality and fantasy are intertwined.Amazing St. Kelly GrayJohn's costume is surrounded by a dozen amazing menJoy of every girlGreat clothes and gorgeous men!
The face of ST.John changed from Kelly Gray to the gorgeous and unique red now --Karen Ellson.When is ST.Is John going back to the real man?ST.John even admitted that Angelia Jolie provided a strong incentive for the brand.When will advertisers notice that we want the fantasy we can?Or is this the beginning of Puma syndrome?
The indifferent Angelia Jolie is not working so now we have an amazing red-None of us can dream of being like Anglia Julie.
For ad sales, I know they don't need middle-aged people like me, but they do need people I feel I can contact --Sandra Block, Julia Roberts, Celine DionWomen like me are great, but there are also some minor shortcomings.I believe we still want Barbie fantasy after the girls grow up from Barbie, but we need a realistic fantasy.That's why Kelly Gray's ad works.She is beautiful among the six beautiful men who can't die!That's what we want-We can be surrounded by the best looking male gods!
The ST.JOHN collection added a "sport" series in 1995 --a casual line -At least for ST.John is casual-More like a senior designer at the Country Club, each line has to impress friends with $400, but still much cheaper than the thousands of dollars of flashy and glamorous evening work.Now, the line is labeled with a more appropriate yellow label (wondering how Ralph Lauren feels about it)His black and purple label is so iconicIsn't the "yellow label" just a change in color?!).
The Iconic ST.
Kelly Gray -Beautiful blonde hair

Angelina Joliea multi-year deal 2006-

Other models, Marina Perez, Bianca Balti, Hillary Roda, and Caroline Winberg, are available.

What makes ST.JOHN so pricey?More importantly, what makes the HolyJohn's work is so popular?What is your motivation to buy knitted casual pants for $395?How many thousand is a "evening dress?First of all, these works are obviously ST.JOHN -Your friends and colleagues will pay attention.These pieces have gorgeous decorations and equally gorgeous and flattering fabrics.Some of the thicker wool suits are cumbersome and I feel like anyone but size 2 looks rough, but the thinner ones are elegant.The colors are always classic or bright and bold.We need to be smart and bold.I want orange -I would like a nice bronze color to set off Orange and other bright colors.
What Sets ST.
This is the detail that I think is ST.

Second is their gold, more than goldPlating 22 k-It does look different.This is an amazing work.All buttons and labels are Beverly Hills!We didn't even mention all the flashy evening dresses with sparkling sequins.

My favorite saint.JOHN line doesn't need a logo.The decor and unique fabric speak for themselves.You will never find embroidered butterflies, polo horses or any other embroidery on your sleevesanywhere.These clothes are about clothes.Not about designers.The unique fabric and buttons are the only, not the only --dad added logo.
No sign on the front of St. John-Unique fabric and buttons make St.
Fashion designers like to be recognized.But perhaps what is really famous is a very unique outfit that simply shows the designer in fabrics and buttons.What -no logo!Yes, this is the advantage of ST.JOHN\'s knits.This $400 million.There is no embroidered logo for a dollar fashion house.Maybe there are no other series of costumes like ST.JOHN\'s knits.

A signature blend of woven wool and artificial silk.I was told that your dry cleaner can "stop" knitting and make you change the size comfortably --Blocks can be up or down-According to your needs.
In addition to their unique fabric, even for the hem, the standard of excellence has been improved --Although most companies use sewingin hems, ST.John knitted.The end of the costume is fully integrated into the overall design.

22 k gold plated button and designer label.What I like most is a lot of buttons --

It's on your clothes!
Accessories paired with 22 k plated gold are well worth checking out on their website.Not a lot of accessories, but as classic and lasting as Coco Chanel's work.
Pailletes -
Package package-It will withstand multiple dry cleaning if properly taken care of (if your dry cleaner knows about St. John ).The special application of the Pailletes heat sleeve in the factory makes these parts a real pass heir.If you look closely, there's a vintage ST.John of parksProof of the quality of this dress.

"The only one I know wears ST.JOHN\'s neo-Chanel knit suit is a Republican lawyer and stockbroker I know in West Virginia.(Oh, Gloria Orde.) These professional women wear well, but I never thought of a "classic, forgiving wool knit set with sparkling buttons, bright colors and warmth"Set paillettes" is so tolerant....Unless you have enough hair to balance the effect.


.Today, ST.JOHN Knits sells all over the world.You can even find ST.John showed off their new line, vintage line and moving line on eBay, or what is now called a yellow label.So what is ST?Must John provide it?They have a wide range of clothing extended to the evening and luxury cabin-Here is a breakdown for you.
Various lines of St.

Knit.These works work well at any time of the day or at any event, can dress up for galas or for corporate lunches.Normally these works will never go public or have any price cuts.

The custom clothing collection is separate from the dress and is suitable for the first cabin on a yacht or cruise.These pieces provide the charm of the paillettes and the Swarovski crystals, usually lined.These parts are top drawer products with 22 k plated gold chains and custom plates on the label.
Sports label-
The sports label is the most versatile, with more fabrics and more knitted and wonderful denim materials.Separate pieces-Jacket, trousers, skirt, coat, novelty sweater and jeans.More leisure timeThis line is still classic and works well for the target market for young women and mature women.

The accessories range includes shoes, scarves and clothing jewelry, once again indicated in gold plated with 22 k.Wallets and shoes are made in Italy.The jewelry collection is as classic as Coco Chanel, bold and elegant, and each piece is suitable for ST.John standard of excellence.
Except Aunt Mame?Or similar now?
Is ST.John is like Aunt Mei played by Rosalyn Russell?

Is the classic design more subtle and lasting?
Absolutely not-But the color of the Rosaline Russel poster and the current red-Lead the model to make an interesting comparison!
Great project about ST

Enjoy years-How many cotton sweaters can make you famous?!--xa0Aunt Mame is on the side-This is never St.JOHN Knits!

Robert and Mary Gray founded the house brand for women knitwear in 1962.
Sales -I have heard that there are $0.125 billion and $0.4 billion.

State and 31 companiesRetail boutiques in the United States.
The original look of the brand was Kelly Gray, the founder's daughter ).After Gray, the super-famous model Gisele beiden became a saint.John.
Become a new spokesperson for St.John.
In 2010, St.
Announced the replacement of Julie with British supermodel Karen Ellson.St.

Sequined ST.JOHN knitwear has a variety of colors, irresident, pearly, clear and rich.--xa0Paillettes are most common on their evening dresses, but can also be found on their custom line.

Description trim or allDetails of a dress made by St. John.
Paillettes are usually shaped like rectangles.

\ "Column (column )-yt, p-, p-
A small piece of metal or foil for painting with enamel
A corner of the mouth used to decorate clothes or clothing.



Source: FREE online dictionary.

are disk-
For decorative purposes.
Color and geometry.
And other accessories.

The development of lights and neon lights.

In this case, so is the sequel itself.
Although coins are still used as sequins in some cultures, modern sequins are often made of plastic.
Hey, it can also be called sequins, sequins, or diamantes.
Paillettes themselves are usually very large and flat.

May fall off;
They are easy to swing and move in order to capture more light.

Increase their ability to reflect.
Marie Gray -Founder of SJK-ST.
Available from SFJ.Com fan book visited on their website.16.
Fans from SJK.

Occupation: designer...

10 things you may not know about me...1.I was born in belgeris.
2.) Attend school in Austria and Canada.
3.) Learn sound in order to gain a career in drama and song play.
4.I like clothing and become a fashion model.
5.In order to impress my boyfriend, I knitted a dress.
6.) Married my boyfriend (Bob Gray)
7.We have three children...
8.I am a finicky perfectionist.
9.I am passionate about golf and like to play.
10.We have 3 dogs in our house.How long have you been a fan of St?John?
Can't you have one thing?
Can't you travel without one thing?My St.
How did you spend your leisure time?Golf ...
What makes you proud?

Favorite website: style.com & Target.
Favorite Color: except black?

The most popular charity: child assistance, World Vision, girls

Fantasy dinner-

What is the most memorable event for you to wear St

About me: you may not know about me..............

I was born in St.

My Green is enough to annoy my friends and colleagues.
Bottled water, my favorite airline is Southwest.John?
Can't you have one thing?My BlackBerry....
Can't you travel without one thing?
How did you spend your leisure time?
Favorite website: Facebook.

Favorite Holiday: Christmas.....

Favorite hotel/resort: Zaza Hotel (www.hotelzaza.

What is the most memorable event for you to wear StJohn Toto: The White House....

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