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black and white hoodie mens How to Wear Striped Clothing

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-12
It was my 17 year old summer and I went to the comedy club for the first time with a man in striped clothes.When my mother brought him into our living room, I saw a look of surprise on her face and I was wondering what was going on.
âx80x9cNice pants.
I always say what I mean, but it seems that my date didn't hear the surprise and hesitation in my voice.He was proud of his costume and announced that he had a jacket to match;However, it's too warm to wear these two clothes tonight.I said a quick Hallelujah to the God of fashion.
Sure, it's after 90, but really?A 6-year-old tall man has no business wearing gray and white clown striped DingTalk pants.It's not surprising that the comedian spent the day with my dating outfit.
Oh, striped man!Your pants will always live in my memory, and will always live in the memory of my parents, my sister, and possibly cats. when you enter the door, the cat makes a cry and runs away.With the right choice, you can avoid looking like a member of a chain gang, or you can avoid mixing with furniture.Hereâx80x99s how.

The best thing about wearing stripes is that you can change the look of your body shape, so go in the right direction.If you have a boy figure, create a curve by wearing horizontal stripes;People with natural curves or more padding (like me!) Narrow vertical or thin stripes should be adhered to streamline the graphics.
Completely avoid wide horizontal stripes, unless you are part of a circus or definitely need constant attention, the wandering eyes will undoubtedly fall on you, whether you are ready for close contact or not --up.

Don't look like a liar if the right direction is a professional.The last thing you need is to be put in jail by the fashion police!The wide black and white stripes may be a classic combination, but they also remind me of the yard time in prison, especially when you are unfortunately standing on the body of other horizontal stripes (human or animal) nearby.

Also, don't look like a sailor unless you're going to spend a lot of time on board.The navy and white have its charm, but not in the city.

Choose the right color and the right outfit and you can go home for free.
I am a fan of black and white pinstriped suits, but the most popular is the hue --on-tone.This refers to the pattern that is processed into a solid color fabric ---The colors of the fabrics and patterns come from the same family, but they have different shades.For example, pigeon gray pants with charcoal gray stripes are considered shadeson-tone.
Anyone can wear it.on-Hue stripes if the garment is cut correctly and the color matches their skin tone, the stripes themselves do not overwhelm.Own your look!(To avoid your stripes looking like they are wearing you, balance your stripes with a solid color so that your frame is not overwhelmed.
Also, unless you're wearing corduroys (which is natural stripe), be careful what type of stripe you cover your lower area.
Finally, don't wear the stripes too tightly.Stripes are lines and should look like lines.Pay attention to your lovely lady lump or solid lump!If there are folds, re-Think about clothing.

Stripes, like chartreuse, can be amazing on some people and scary on others.Don't put yourself in the position of having striped clothes you feel obligated to wear.
Just because stripes are attractive to you doesn't mean you should wear stripes.I may have worn the bad stripes I deserve, but that doesn't mean you have!Just...

Does this pattern make more sense in the chair or on the wall than in the body?
What will this picture look like?(Because there are paparazzi everywhere!
Will different colors look better on me?
If it's hard for you to answer these questions with your mind rather than your heart, listen to a friend.If they have a bright face when you try on that dress, take it away!If it's still indifferent, it doesn't seem to have any positive impact on you, so don't consider buying it.If they're frowning or frowning, it's obviously not what it's like for you.Put your clothes down, but keep your friends!They are honest and just want you to look the best.
I like stripes, but I wear them carefully.Maybe somewhere outside, people wearing striped clothes also learned this.
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