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black and white athletic leggings trasparenze - high quality hosiery online

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-07
Trasparenze socks can only be believed if they are witnessed.Whether you're looking for transparent or opaque socks or kneesThis gorgeous Italian fashion sock will make you look like you fell off the cover of a premium fashion magazine.Angie's pantyhose is a fine piece of art.This 15-inch nylon/elastic fiber bodysuit comes in black with a delicate white lace pattern that starts at the foot and rises above the ankle with contrasting white seams.The seams extend to the matching white lace belt.The back seam is slender and the legs are elongated.The 100-inch black Gelsey opaque tights of Trasparenze \ have their own fragrance.There is a lurex "diamond" brooch and a printed medal on a strap around the thigh.The signature comfort belt and cotton buckle provide overall comfort.Gennefer merino wool tights are also available in 100 Dan in a variety of colors.Joko fashion tights are made in Italy with Japanese theme and it is perfect and comfortable tights when you want a bold sock look.The opaque underpants have a fan-shaped edge leading to a pure leg with an opaque ribbon design that extends down from the thigh to the top of the ankle.Belle Epoque and Seisho fashion tights offer the same sexy look of socks and straps that are convenient to wear in tights.Even bolder is Yoriki striped underwear fashion tights.With their peepsa-At the bottom of the Boo, these pure tights have a chain loop pattern from the belt to the top of the ankle.Trasparenze also offers a wide range of kneeshigh and ankle-high hosiery.Satin glossy, 70-inch opaque tights have no less than 13 different colors, while Grazia 20-inch comfortable top pure kneeThere are two packs and seven colors to choose from.This mouth-watering orange and other three-color sock is awesome.Paphia high gloss capri pants in four colors-China (blue), Roso and Bianco.This 100-year-old Palau fashion leggings has a double-hair cuff at the ankle with rosso or giallo (yellow ).Ruth capri leggings are a little cheeky fun with holes of different sizes.Black, Blue and bouganvillea.The company also sells a range of bride clothes and accessories.85-stockings and tights88% nylon and 12-15% elastic fibers are available in ivory or white, while Katerine tights are also available in "cosmetic" or black, and the Psyche lace top stockings are available in white, ivory or black.There are five satin or lace garters to choose from ("Aurora", "Cupid", "God of Wealth", tone and "Bride ").For the little girl in your life, Tiana children's diamond pattern tights are pink, pink and white from 5 to 11 years old.The pattern squares on Ciclamino's facial children's tights look striped from a distance.From 7 to 11.Trasparenze Italian socks are comfortable and durable, suitable for all ages and occasions, and are a valuable fashion.
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