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black and white athletic leggings party wear kurtis – bottom pairing: 5 popular styles

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-07
Kurtis is a versatile party costume;You can pair kurtis to the bottom of many different styles and get a different look each time.While most women like to pair chulidar or leggings with casual kurtis, women do like to try to choose the bottom in terms of party costume kurtis.If you want to find some popular bottom styles, you can go with your party costume kurtis and here are two Top 5 that look great: the party costume that kurti paired with Patiala salwar looks very stylish.You can buy a small, medium or long kurti and then pair it with pattiara salwal.You can also replace pattiara salwal with Harrons, which also flaunt a design similar to the folds of pattiara salwal.The war in Afghanistan is also a good choice.Wearing Kurtis party costume with Palazzo loose party costume kurtis, and even fitting party costume kurtiscan has a more comfortable look and feel when paired with palazzo pants.You can even pair kurti with loose bottoms like sharara or trouser feet for a comfortable look.The advantage of this look is that although it is easy to carry, it is equally stylish.Party costume Kurtis with dress. Wear kurti's mid-short party outfit with a beautifully designed dress.This shape is very chic and easy to carry.Kurti's appearance of meeting lehenga is the appearance of fusion, but the elements are very traditional.Also, if you have a nice black and/or white cotton maxi dress, you don't have to buy a dress to go with kurti for a party with short silk or cotton kurti, and paired with Maxi's dress.Since women are starting to wear Dhoti and sherwani, party costume Kurtis is with dhoti Well and I believe the times are changing and it is no longer just the world of men.This combination is totally amazing except for jokes.With dhoti pants and party costumes in kurti, you can create a lovely look.Since dhoti itself can make a bold statement, even casual or semi-formal kurti can look great with it.If you don't want to wear traditional style cigarette pants, wear designer kurtiswith cigarette pants for your party.You can choose from regular cigarette pants, textured cigarette pants, and printed cigarette pants.All of this looks great for kurti.This is the appearance of a combination of traditional kurti and contemporary cigarette pants;Fusion look is great to wear on any occasion.You can match kurtis with leggings, jeans, chulidar, Salva, shorts, Capri and whatever else.Kurti's comfort and style quotient is like this, and it works well no matter how many experiments there are in appearance.
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