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black and red hoodie The Many Colors of Pomeranians

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-12
For the past three years, as a Pom owner, I have really fallen in love with my sweet and vibrant bomelania.If you are looking for a small, beautiful, energetic, fun dog, I highly recommend them as a pet that you will cherish in your life.The pommera must be a "colorful" variety in personality and coat color.Below, I give a brief overview of the different AKC colors accepted by people in pomanians.
** As a side note, it means eyes, nose, lips and foot pads whenever it is mentioned that the dog must have some color.

Black -
These poms will be completely Coal Black and there won't be any white, red or brown in the coat.They must also have black spots.
Blue -
The blue pomeirans are actually more gray, with blue dots from light gray to dark gray.Before you put them next to the real coal black pom, they usually look black, but as puppies they usually have silver tones.
Brown (or chocolate )-
Accept all the chocolate shades from light to dark, but in order to be called Brown, they must have brown dots, and there are no black spots or black tips on the hair.
Cream -
The color of the cream bag is generally light orange or yellow.They must have black spots.
Orange -
From light orange to deep rich orange, the colors of the Orange poms vary, with black dots.
Red -
To distinguish between red and orange, a red Pommerania coat is described as a dark rusty red color.They must have black spots.
White -
These poms have a bright pure white coat with no other color on the hair.They also have black spots.

Brindle -
This means that the pom has stripe coverage on a solid color.The color mix is not a patch or a specific pattern, but comes from wide or thin stripes that may cover their entire body or only part of it.
Parti -
This is my sweet snickerdotta, a chocolate.Parti basically just means there is more than one coat color.The ideal particle, however, is white, has a patch color, has a white flame on the head, and has points that are consistent with the patch color.A particle should also have a symmetrical facial marker.I will post a photo of my beloved chocolate party here, though you can see from her photoSymmetrical facial pattern and her white coat, she is not an ideal participant and will never show up at the dog show.I love her anyway!
& Tan Pattern -
This is a special pattern that consists of the top of the eye, around the gunpoint, fett and some lower abdomen, as well as the tail.The three colors combined with tan pattern are mainly black, brown and blue.
Wolf Sable -
A wolf mink hair pom has a light gray base coating with deeper steel gray protective hairs and black feces.Usually there is only a mix of this color, there is no cream or orange in their base color, they should have black dots.
This represents "all the other allowed colors", which basically means that the bomirans can mix any of these patterns and colors.The "merle" Specification of the color usually indicates dilution in the pattern, which is also allowed.One of the only things not allowed in terms of color is blue eyes.
No matter what color your Pomerania is, they are happy dogs that will enrich the life of the owner.I know I can't imagine my life without my sweet snickerdotta!
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