black and pink running leggings When little boys wear pink

by: INGOR     2019-08-23
black and pink running leggings When little boys wear pink
A few years ago, I wrote an argument about my husband and I about a pair of children's pink ski-backed shirts.My daughter has grown up and I think we will pass them on to our 5-year-old son.Shutterstock/GelpiToday, more boys like pink sports.My husband said, "Our son is not dressed."In our open-air foam in San Francisco, pink is allowed --mindedness.When our son wore pink leggings for a birthday party in Noe Valley, he could have cared less, but the pink color on the Tagus slope was beyond his comfort.I'm angry.I do not think we should apply gender stereotypes to children.We should not lock them in a gender cage and tell them that blue is only for boys and pink is only for girls.It would be great if a boy wanted to play with the truck.It doesn't matter if he wants to play with Barbie.Today, a piece of Good Morning America shows that my point of view is getting active.In the 21 st century world, our attitude towards gender stereotypes is changing-even fathers who have long told their sons to take off their clothes are slowly accepting the idea of boys wearing Teenage colors.This section refers to the recent J.Crew ad shows the pictures the creative director of the company drew for heryear-My son's toenails are pink.Yes, Fox News has slammed email ads, but a lot of people say, "who cares?Then there is TLC's controversial reality show Toddlers & Tiaras, which reveals the world of beauty contests for children.While the show is strongly criticized for showing little girls make-up (and bleach their teeth), it is also praised for providing a glimpse of the beauty pageant world by young boysBut what about Dad?Are they getting more and more accepting of boys wearing pink sports?The global assessment of the state of the marine environment brought together a group of fathers to answer the question and found that traditional ways of thinking are slowly evolving."I prefer my child to choose blue," said one father ."."But it depends on him if he wants to choose a pink shirt instead of a blue one."James has pink, purple and chartreuse in his closet," another father interjected ."."He also has a pair of cowboy boots in pink.No problem with the pink shirt.“Pink tutu?Problem."My son sometimes goes to kindergarten in a skirt and we allow it," another father shared ."."I struggle for my comfort level.What I am really worried about is that he will be teased and not accepted."My husband has gone a long way since our 2009 bib top argument.We are on a road trip to Montana and my son wants to wear his sister's purple shoes to the street fair in Bozeman.My husband didn't say a word and only smiled.Focus on moms in the Bay Area on Facebook and Twitter @ bayareamoms.
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