black and pink running leggings Hobbled and tortured by sexy stiletto heels

by: INGOR     2019-08-23
black and pink running leggings Hobbled and tortured by sexy stiletto heels
A muni bus with an advertisement stopped in front of me.In one of the advertisements, a group of high heels appeared in front of me.You know that: in the election year, the stacked high heels, straps, toes are sharper than the wedge problem."Will you try new public transport?"I checked the title of Oromo.Nope.Not this chicken.Women of my age are familiar with a non-printable expression: "Let's --have-a-sexual-"Meet shoes" or something like that.These are shoes that people use to pose, usually just before posing.After all, a woman can only wear such shoes when she wants to be swept out of the house.It's fun though, but the Ryder Butler style, ending as a romantic tea-Te, dragged out from the dinner party, hanging on the shoulder, carrying like a canoe, what is the elegance?In fact, there are very few places to wear such shoes.They are fantasies, not for the city center, grocery store, office or real life.This is a very revolutionary fashion shoe.A few decades ago, the Chinese no longer tied their feet to their daughters.A practice of disappearing at the age of 1920 and 30Women in Europe and the United States are still slaves to fashion, tied to shoes.Western heels can be traced back centuries.I remember staring blankly at a pair of shoes belonging to Queen Mary of Scotland.Under the glass of a museum north of the British border.Mary's shoes look small, fragile and narrow, about 5 yards or so.High-High heels made of paper towelsThin white leather, they must have effectively restricted her actions as she was imprisoned in the castle where she now lives.The era of revolution was not liberated.Women born from such a seniorfashion shoes.In Jean-In the 1779 painting swing by Honore Fragonard, a woman kicked her shoes to the sky.This shoe is high.Pink satin mule, definitely not for walking.The women's right to vote campaign did not free women from abuse.I remember sitting under the linen.At the table of about 1955 M, my aunt stared in awe in very fashionable shoes --A pair of paint, fire-High heels for the engine red fee.(My aunt, now in her 80 s, has had serious foot problems for decades ).Even the women's movement has not reduced fashion.Love shoes.In my 70 s, women like me who want to be liberated by the TimesNevertheless, the choice of political platforms is still limited by fashion platform shoes.Last fall I saw the reincarnation of shoes with broken ankles: a pair of shiny taxi yellow, 3-Inch platform mule.They were worn by a young lady who matched them with black and white leather stockings tights, mini skirts and nose rings."She's still young," I think."She will grow up from it."But soon after, I saw a fashion title that said," High heels are back again for women who want to look sharp." That too?This article has been published 3-For corporate women moving up, inch high heels are mandatory.It asked, "How high will you go?Are we sinking so low?Young women learn nothing from the pain of my generation, from the arch that my aunt has fallen, and from the history of women with pain in the whole foot?I got the answer recently.According to a small wire service company, in a survey, the American foot and ankle Orthopaedic Association found that 69% of women were wearing 1-Inches in height or below.A small revolution is quietly going on.While 28% of women in my 40 to 50 years old still wear high heels to work, only 16% of women between the ages of 20 and 30 are willing to do so.Working women are no longer bothered by paper bags and fast sneakers, ignoring the headlines and getting rid of the feilagamo tieto-Pump switch before work.Young revolutionary women are everywhere.I'm satisfied. I saw 20-Some staff in pin stripes and smart shoes sprint for the bus.She had no high heels and her feet flew.Think this is a small step for women, a big step for women.Examiner writer Nicolette Toussaint is the communications director of the Gulf region school reform cooperation and is currently the former president of San Francisco.<
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