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black and pink gym leggings how to dress as an 80's rock star | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-23
Whether you're ready for Halloween costume next year or after 80 sFor the theme party, you can put on the clothes of the post-80 s rock star, stock up on accessories, and add some signature styles of the post-80 s.The post-80 s is notorious for setting fashion trends involving black clothing-Sometimes with neon accent--Unique hairstyle and make-up.If you want to dress up as a post-80 s rock star, prepare a wild outfit.
Wear black leggings.
To finish the look of the post-80 s rock star, leather leggings or skinny leather pants are a better option, but any type of black leggings is fine.Rock singers in their 80 s are also wearingSkinny washed jeans-More popular with male rock singers.Cut the sleeve off the T-shapedshirt.If you can find oneThere is an 80 rock band logo on the shirt that will make your outfit more authentic.
However, you can still do the rock look with a normal white or black T-shirt.Make sure to cut where the sleeve starts so your entire arm is exposed.Wear a leather, tassel vest or jacket on your T-shirtshirt.
Open it and let someone else see your T-Shirt under it.If you want to replace leather with black, you can.Or, some rock singers wear tight-fitting stone-washed denim jackets to match their skinny jeans.
Get a long-Wear a wig if you don't have long hair.Tease it with hairspray until the wig--or your hair --Messy and sticky.What you might be more interested in for those guys is looking for a hairy fishCut the wig and you should tease it with hairspray too.
The hair should be worn out.
Add accessories for your clothing.
Pile up on bracelets or leather bracelets, apply long necklaces to your neck, and don't forget the oversized earrings.Fingerless gloves are also suitable for 80-year-old rocks.star costumes.Use bright heavy makeup.Exaggerate your eyes by putting on bright blue or bright purple eyeshadow, with heavy eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelids.
Apply a lot of rouge on your cheeks and make sure you have a bright red or pink lipstick.According to Mary Clare, young people in the 80 s are bold colors.If you're wearing a female rocking chair, wear high heels.
Boots and sneakers are shoes suitable for boys
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