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black and pink gym leggings how to be a pink lady from grease for halloween | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-23
It may be as easy as shopping in online clothing or 1950 stores, but you can save money by assembling your own clothing.Jacket with bowling shirts and hand-decorated.Complete your Halloween costume with wardrobe, grandmother's attic or items in a secondhand store.
Decorate it with the hair style of your favorite 1950 bad girls.Pink buttons for men-Bowling shirt-Or similar style.-Wearing a pink lady jacket."Pink Lady" embroidered on the back ".onto iron-On transfer paperEmbroider the name of your favorite pink lady on the left front of the shirt.
Layer A is fixed-Color shirt under embroidered shirt.Bottom, black leggings or pencil skirt, calf-The length of both.Or, if you dress up as January on Halloween, wear an excessive dressthe-Knee plaid, Horn skirt.
Unless you are going to wear white bobby socks and flat shoes in January, complete your pink lady suit with a pair of pointed nail heels.Choose accessories inspired by your dress up as a Pink Lady.All wore silk scarves around their necks.Wearing oversized dark curtains, others wearing catsSunglasses for eyesYou have a few options for hairstyles.
Like Marty, use the roller to make soft curls, or pull your hair into a ponytail like January 1.If you have mediumLong hair, with a temporary hair color to make the pink hair that the French who drop out of school in beautiful often like.Soft curly hair.Maybe even leave in a few curlers..In many movie scenes, Pink Ladies chew pink bubble gum, so be sure to chew chewing gum as the last touch of clothing.
It would be even better if you could blow the bubble and shoot the gum down
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