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black and orange sweatshirt zodiac signs and their favorite colors - astrology

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-15
All signs have different properties and behaviors.They also have their own color choices.Their ruling planets may have an impact on a particular color.Aries is ruled by Mars.They like the red color and may include the chestnut color.
Red represents the impulse and anger of Aries.They can also calm down easily, which is good.Taurus is ruled by Venus.Venus symbolizes the joy of all things.Blue is related to Venus.So Taurus likes blue.Because they represent elements of the Earth, they may also like green or brown.
Mercury controls Gemini.
As a result, they also like light colors.
Mercury shows change or growth.
They may also like light blue, gray or green.Light blue and gray are the nature of Gemini.Cancer is ruled by the moon.Like the moon, cancer people also like gentle colors.
They may like green, light yellow, purple, etc.They may also like light blue as the color of their dominant element water.Cancer patients like to show the color of sensitive feelings.
The sun rules Leo.
The Sun shows the attributes of supremacy and majesty.Leo people may like the golden, yellow and orange color associated with the sun.Leo people may express their love for this color by wearing gold accessories.
Virgo is ruled by Mercury.
Mercury shows the nature of instability.
They may have a tendency to learn things around them.Because their elements are Earth, they like brown, light green, white or gray.Libra is ruled by Venus.Libra shows elegance and beauty.They like shades of blue, pink, orange or red.
Scorpio is ruled by Mars.
Mars shows the dominant color of red.
They may like shades of red, such as maroon or burgundy red.They also like dark brown or purple.Scorpio has mysterious power and can enhance the effect of this red color.Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter.They have spirituality and wisdom.So they may like colors like yellow, blue, orange and pink.
Capricorn is controlled by Saturn.
Saturn is called the creator of destiny because it drives you when you are at the helm in your life.Good is the best, and evil is the worst.They may like various colors such as blue, black and gray.Black and gray represent the true nature of Capricorn.
Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn.
Aquarius likes purple, dark blue, black and gray.Saturn gives the constellation a unique and imaginative ability to think.Pisces is ruled by Jupiter.Because it represents the water element, it likes all the shades of blue.
Pisces may also like yellow and white.
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