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black and orange sweatshirt the various print techniques that make african prints so ...

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-13
The main garment covering the upper part of the man's body happens to be a shirt.Shirts as the main clothing, regardless of their traditions and culture, are generally accepted in every country around the world.Pants, on the other hand, have not yet gained this popularity, in many parts of the world, there are different kinds of styles, although it is always with shirts.
In civilized countries, men's wardrobes have different types of shirts on different occasions.They can be formal office clothes, informal shirts for casual clothes, trendy designer shirts for party clothes, etc.A more and more popular shirt is a male African printed shirt, which is colorful and energetic, adding a touch of vitality to the original monotonous male cabinet.
When it comes to dressing up, modern men are no longer behind, almost catching up with their opponents-ladies.Designers are also paying more and more attention to male fashion. it is through them that African patterns, colors and prints have become a fashion.
Enter the Western fashion world.
But to truly understand the uniqueness of Africa's appeal, we have to look at their traditional costumes that have caused such a big sensation around the world in modern bodies.The shirt happens to be an old costume, developed in different forms in different times.If we also look at the continent of Africa, we will let Tom see it long before they already have clothes that are very similar to today's shirts.
Therefore, it is not surprising that male African printed shirts are warmly adopted by Westerners.Several men's clothing can be found in Africa, covering the upper part of the body like a shirt.They can have different forms and shapes, sometimes like an unstitched dress, wearing a suspended cloth, sometimes customized like a shirt, and sometimes like a shirt without collar, colorful patterns and embroidery.
When we talk about African printed shirts for men, we should look at the different printing methods they have been following over the years, which makes their prints unique and attractive.Most natural dyes are used as colors and they are usually made from amazing minerals and soil dug from deep underground.Bright indigo, deep pepper red and surprisingly vibrant saffron are placed in the huge bucket, and white cotton is dipped into it to dye.
For the printing effect, stones or shells are tied to the knots in these cotton cloth, which resist a portion of the clothes being dyed, thus forming a unique pattern that is still followed in the modern world, and called a tie.dye.For printing purposes, hand-carved wooden blocks with complex patterns are used in exclusive designs and prints that reflect the natural environment, including animals such as birds, fish, flowers and trees.Then all of this was hand-printed on fabrics that used to be mostly cotton.
Male African printed shirts are usually a mixture of interesting color combinations such as black, white and hot pink;Or yellow, orange and blue;Or gray, black and brown.This color on men's shirts sounds strange, but when designers use these combinations they create absolute magic that can bring benefits to the eyes, in fact, it is more suitable for the masculine temperament of the shirt than it sounds
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