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black and orange sweatshirt Lola Greeno keeping ancient art of shell stringing alive

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-04
Lola greenno learned the art of shell threading from her mother, who learned the art of shell threading from her mother.In fact, the skills of shell threading have been passed on by generations of indigenous women.The clean shells sit together in the uninterrupted strings of the Rainbow;When treated, they make a soft jingle.
Onyx-Black shells, sparkling abalone shells, small white and orange shells, blue and green metal shellsxa0Perfect decorations created by nature.Grinno remembers going to the beach on Cape Desert Island as a child, wandering and collecting shells with her mother and elders.But until a long time later, she was prompted by other people's questions and began to thread herself.
"When Ixa0This is a very important cultural practice for women,xa0"I want to make sure this continues," said greenno .".So she sat down with her mother and learned thousandsyear-old tradition.While knowledge and skills continue to evolve, tools have also changed.
In the past days, the hole in the Shellxa0Made with kangaroo eye teeth, before they are threadedxa0The tendon on the kangaroo and kangaroo tail --xa0Today, Greeno uses a tailor-made TOW and bead line."Tendon meat]xa0Dry fairly hard, unless you soak it wet and soften it, and you can knot it in it once you finish adding the necklace, it will be very hard, "says greenno.Different from using beads, shells are notSame shape and size.
It will take up to two weeks for greenno to string a long necklace.But the work began long before the shell hit the rope.After collection, the shell must be cleaned and its coating peeled off.
Traditionally, this is a long process, which involves putting the shell into the container in the fire, where specific smoke is emitted."Smoke has becomexa0Acidxa0So they can paint off the coating on the shell.xa0It will be very time consuming,xa0"To get enough [necklaces], it will take a few days, a week," Greeno said .
But it is worth the time and effort.
These necklaces have been used by many local Tasman people, such as Truganini."If you lookxa0"History books sometimes mention that if people around them die, they break shell necklaces and cut short hair," says greenno .".The exhibition is exhibited on a national tour showing the works of Lora and her grandmother, mother and daughter, showing the origin of the art.
For more information on the long tradition of wearing shells, Greeno has published a book that shares the history of practice;
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