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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-13
One of the most painful scenes of my life is at the Philadelphia airport, a fairly large woman in green sportswear and orange jerseys.The impact of this shocking vision is exacerbated by the fact that I have just been on my way home from Paris.Although not all Parisians feel that he or she has just stepped off the runway, these people must know what to wear.
I don't think I saw a man wearing sweat in Paris.Not even among those jogging along the streets and parks.The lady back at the airport-I don't mind her being big.
I know a lot of big women who look amazing because they know how to dress up.I have a problem with the clothes she wears.Of course, the orange jersey and the green casual pants are a bit of an extreme combination, but let's face it --Our casual view does not look very good.
Jeans, t-Shirts, trousers, sneakers-A month, a city, regardless of age, gender, or size.The endless gray terrycloth and blue cowboy have penetrated everything --From family restaurant to concert hall.On a very special occasion, alwaysin-Sweaty ladies may come up with a strange sparkling top and a floral dress, and gentlemen may be persuaded by a button --An Oxford shirt and a pair of kha cloth.
In any case, these do not apply to really formal occasions (we discussed dressing for special occasions not long ago ).Why are we doing this to ourselves?How are our casual clothes degraded in this limited sweat, jeans and T-shirtsshirts?The clothes you wear on weekends and holidays, backyard barbecues and children's birthday parties can and should be comfortable and can be washed, but be sure to be sloppy and ugly?Also, if you are working in a casual business environment, is it not good that there are some multi-functional things in the wardrobe that can be returned to work from work to weekends to holidays? Depends on what you combine them?First of all, abandon the trend!Just let them go.Not everyone can wear tight jeans and leggings.
capri pants are only suitable for legs and cut t-The shirt belongs to the teen wardrobe (and not every teen looks good) and high heels should only be worn if you know how to match the right outfit --Of course, don't work where you have to run around all day, and don't go to a family picnic where high heels will definitely sink into the ground.Guys, it's too low.Sl pants don't look good on anyone.Even on Gap models, long shirts and loose jeans don't make you look like a ball.Tapered pants are not good for everyone.Don't wear it.Just don\'t.Trust me.Second, take a full length mirror and don't leave your house without a quick glance.
Ladies, in your case this includes putting on your coat or jacket and handbag as it all has to work together.To save time, take your clothes out the night before and pack all your stuff in the right bag --This also has the added benefit of throwing away the accumulated garbage in our wallets on a regular basis.Hang your clothes (instead of pants and pants, shirts and shirts, dresses, etc) with a dress ).
) Read the book-A binder with a static page (just like a binder in a photo album that holds photos of all sizes), keep an eye out for the look that works for you and you as you browse through the catalog and magazines, cut them off and stick them on the book.Gentlemen, you may think it sounds ridiculous, but you actually need a look book more than ladies.If you are married, rely on your wife to pick your clothesShe can't be there all the time, what if she goes on vacation or on a business trip?If you are single and stylishchallenged -It is not shameful to get advice from those who make a living by wearing someone else's clothes.
By the way -A slight deviation from our theme: look book also works for other things.My look binder has a clothing section, an interior, organization, and landscape section.I may not be able to afford an interior designer, but why not draw on ideas from the people who have sorted out the Pottery Barn catalogue?Now, specifically.
I hate jeans-I have a few pairs myself.
However, each of my jeans is in a different color and none of them are loose, although none of them are super looseskinny either.On the contrary, they are all the styles and cuts I like and they are very comfortable.These two pairs of blue are my works.in-Garden jeans with black jeans and light sand jeansMy casual crisp look.
A good alternative to jeans?Kha cloth or ropes, all of which are now available in washable fabrics and in a variety of colors.Ladies, splurge or search your daughter's jeans on eBay (they're not just jeans)They also have dress pants, kha cloth and ropes including tall and petites ).They will change your life.I don't have a daughter, but I have a pair of NYDJ chocolate brown corduroys, the most comfortable pair of pants ever!By the way, gentlemen, kha pants and corduroys are not straight pants, but they will be happy to change the standard loose jeans for you, especially if you splurge on a few pairs of flats that fit you.
Contrary to popular opinion, pleated front pants do not hide belly bumps --They enlarged it, which crossed the gender.Like I don't despise jeans.It's just some kind of them and some way they're wearing them.I don't hate t-either-The shirt, as long as it is not so loose, is the right cut to make your figure Fuller.
Guys, more than 50 times, I know you guys have feelings for your alma mater, but wearing your orange, bright green or acidic clothes --Yellow UniversityShirt in the middle of youIt's not the fashion you want to express in your thirties.If you want to support your university, donate to the financial aid fund, but find it from your university souvenir.Ladies, please pay attention to the neckline and fabric of your T-shirtShirt of choice.
Installation is not equal to skintight -The former makes you look neat and pull together, and the latter shows your love handle and belly.High neck only for girls with small breastsIn any other case, your chest will look like a big, choppy shelf attached to your chest.If you have a serious cleavage, wear v-Neck but not so lowAvoid, whenever you lean over and pick things up from the floor, it is possible for you to make everyone flash.
The scoop neck is also very effective on the girl in the chest.If you're flatCut your chest, don't despairWear a boat neck or slash neck to show off those sexy collarbones.View the length of t-shirt -Are you going to wear it inside or outside?Try both ways to see which one works better.
If you untie it, at t-Shirt, look at it.
Try Several tops of different colors-Don't just grab a bunch of them and run them because they're on sale.Sometimes it's worth spending some extra money on something that makes you smile when you look in the mirror and makes you look clear and comfortable all day.As an alternative to t-Shirts, with a large number of men's and women's button shirts, which are made of light and thin fabrics and are well wornPerfect for summer!Jackets.
..Jackets can have a huge impact on your casual wearIt can bring everything together or destroy everything.If it's a denim jacket or vest, please wear it and don't wear jeans of the same color as la Michael J.Back to the Fox of the future.I tried it -It's a bad idea, it makes me look like a "all"Cowboy Barbie "(you don't think I would suggest you do anything unless I messed up myself in that area, do you?).
Remember the length-The cropped jacket is not something everyone can wear.If you have an already big ass and your jacket just happens to hit below your waist, your back will suddenly look big.Guys, if you think this has nothing to do with you, think again!You won't be much easier to wear a jacket with the wrong fit and length than our girls.
For the coolest times of the year (autumn and spring), consider investing in a lightweight leather jacket --Things to go with jeans and business pants and skirts.In the warm months, there are many options for lighter fabrics for girls and men.Women's casual wear does not always mean wearing pants.
A hunting costume or a cotton T-shirtIt looks great wearing a fun belt (with the right shoes and accessories, of course ).High heels don't always apply to casual activities that occur where there is dirt or sand, but you can compromise with wedges, and as far as I'm concerned, there's no better wedge sandals than Onex sandals.When it comes to shoes, just as casual wear does not require jeans and sweat, casual shoes do not need the same sneakers.
We finally started learning from the British about how to make a comfortable shoe that doesn't look like it belongs to the gym only.Britain calls them "trainers ".They are still as light and soft as tennis shoes, but they are also stylish with shades of brown, beach, dark blue and gray.The ladies 'option also says --You can use pink if you really want.
I also love hurache sandals if you're looking for comfortable summer flats --It would be great for men to wear linen pants and for women to wear linen pants.When you put them together, don't forget your height, shape, and skin tone.Caribbean Green may be there right now, but why wear it if it makes you look like a corpse or a withered salad?Yes, you may be told that the black is the same as everything, but (a) it's not true, (B) If you look pale and tend to work late, black will take out the bag under your eyes to make you look more tired than the actual situation.
White is probably the most commonly used t-The color of the shirt, but it does make things look biggerIf it makes you look like a Michelin man, don't wear it.Consider the occasion.If it would be reasonable to be steady, wear light colors, ladies, and throw some interesting jewelry.If you expect to have to flip over the grill, or run around with kids with soaking guns, wear dark trousers (tomato sauce and BBQ sauce accident), combined with stylish shirts, but can endure all the running and rolling on the grass.
Ladies, please make sure you wear the right underwear if the water war is on the agendaThere is a time and place for a wet shirt race, but that's not the case with your family picnic or your child's birthday.Staple food lifestyle?Take care of yourself.Your worn-Your face, the skin on your hand is cracked, and the hair and nails falling off will affect your wearing.
Take a break and moisturize (you can use colored moisturizer in winter)It adds a little color to your skin while protecting it from low radiationyet-Winter sun exposure), regular hair cuts.Read positive books and watch interesting moviesIt's natural to laugh.toxifier, anti-Antioxidants and antioxidantsThis is free!Get dressed, eat well and have a good time!.
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