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black and blue hoodie Battling to grasp truth in the mixed messages

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-05
Of course, this is the brightest point in life.Right here I stare at two sets of blue eyesFlashing eyes, their innocence and worship, as naked as the Tramp in the shower.Heart every dayBeing grateful to my children is part of my day by chance.
I hope they never stop.
What a charming space it is;Wipe their tears, sing them to sleep, make them giggle, help them learn and watch them for the first time.This simple window of happiness is the place where we give the greatest value to life.Infancy is the peak of human value.When life at this point is destroyed, this injustice makes our faith in humanity black and white.
I stroked my baby daughter's soft back and her whole face rushed happily.She kicked her leg and her arm trembled excitedly."You have a world of contradictions, my sweetness," I whispered to her hair .
I don't know if she will understand the truth in the confusing information.The first is the contradiction of Valentine's Day.This year's Love Day was ambushed by Fifty Shades of Gray.
A film that beautifies sexual abuse (adapted from this book ).On the one hand, the universe is praising the virtues of love, and on the other hand, there is this inexplicable conspiracy --Openly disrespect fellow human beings in the bedroom.I was dumbfounded because of course its success was driven by demand.
Think, people, think about what you're sticking.That is the contradiction of giving up.Leo's birth caused a stir because he was born with Down syndrome and was abandoned by his mother, which is reflected in the news media everywhere.Perhaps his father was indeed a hero, and perhaps his Armenian mother was indeed evil.
More noteworthy, however, is the response.A woman has abandoned her newborn baby and the planet is in a state of bustle.Every year, 100,000 Australian women "choose" to give up their children (read abortion), many times because of threats, apathy or disappointment from others --Regular partnersSome people use threats and coercion when creating and seizing lives.
My baby girl pulled my hair and fist in her mouth, with a cheeky look in the ice --cream eyes."You are so precious," I almost cried.I think of a geographical contradiction.It seems that hundreds of people have lost unnecessary lives in the war on the other side of the world every day, while our front page lamented the death of a road or political dispute.All this irony is a sign of our departure from reality.
That book (don't let me name it again) was removed from the reality of violence against women, domestic violence is the main cause of death and injury for women under 45, more than one woman is murdered every week by her current or former partner.Abortion is removed from the reality of being deprived of life because the sphere of the pregnant woman's abdomen is protected, but it also protects the rapid development of the unborn child.It would be nice if our stomach was transparent!Both distance and culture keep us away from the terrible realities of violence, genocide, child brides, female genital mutilation that do happen outside our shores (and sometimes too)What can we do?I began to insist on this verse at 12: 21 in the book of Rome, "Do not be defeated by evil, but by good against evil.
"It's a call for weapons, note, not an invitation to refuse.Another section of Isaiah (5: 20) reminds me of what it is called.Don't be "dark for light, dark for Darkness" or "bitter for sweetness, sweet for suffering ".
Name it.
My baby daughter was restless in my arms.
Her thumb found her mouth, she sighed and her eyelids began to close.She is tired.I am tired.Tired of living in a global community that is so small in value to life
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