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best running leggings for women Menswear-inspired Fashion for Women

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-27
Do you think it's impossible for a girl tomboy?I'm glad to prove you wrong.Welcome to a brand new (a bit crazy) world where women wear men's clothing and make them look feminine.For you, there is a bit more silhouette and pattern to wear men's wear?Start small.
Wear menswear-But accessories with inspiration.My personal favorite is the bow tie and the Brug.I fully support the power of girlsTo say a word about the lack of girls in things, I may defend what is called weak sex.
But heck, it doesn't stop me from stealing from my boyfriend and brother's cupboard from time to time.I confess.I was fascinated by the clothes of the boys looking for inspiration.And why not?Their clothes are loose and comfortable, and at the same time they have this inherent feeling of fashion and elegance.
Of course, we have women's things in our wardrobe, which are very loose, and yes, they are also very comfortable.But as far as I'm concerned, it's hard for meBe pressed to find girly outfits that are both stylish and elegant.So, when 2013 of the runway in autumn and winter is packed with men's clothing --I was probably most encouraged.
Finally, the world of fashion caught up with me and my soul sisters.Since I like this style of dressing, just like cats like wool, I think that's what I solemnly do --Swear to introduce my kind to this fashion trend.Come now!Let me help you put some guys in.
So why are there so many fanatics about this trend?.Literally!\ 'Because you only need a very close friend/relative, his wardrobe you can raid without being disturbed by his rant.Being able to easily incorporate some trends into your wardrobe makes it a winner without competition.
So, you know where to get the clothes, but how do you wear them if you don't look like a man?There is more-than-you-can-Dealing with inspiration in this article, but I think it is important to get some tips first.After all, even visual insight is not enough.Once you have the foundation, you just need a little motivation to get started.
So, this is the push you need.
My visual guideNow, the shirt is something in most women's wardrobes, but what I'm talking about is a more loose version that can be matched with a female jacket to make the right contrast.Another familiar face in our cabinet needs to be upgraded.Opt for a high-Waist, straightSuitable, pleated pairs, can be explained in the way you want.
Diane Keaton channel shook the suit with so much talent that you wanted to ask her for a private lesson.The top of the working woman makes it look a bit subtle.Now, the vest or vest is one of the boys' wardrobes that can be worn very feminine, very masculine, or even I-am-riding-two-boats-at-once-The way to success.
I like this punk avatar.
Gorgeous and beautiful hats add the right amount of whimsy to any outfit.Pick a male hat in the design you like and make it feminine in style.It's not that we don't have leather jackets in our wardrobe, it's that we have the girly cuts.
I'm talking about the rough skin that most people own and worship.Dressed in a delicate dress, it is suitable for the chic atmosphere.Go back to your school life!Remember how you tied the knot at that time?OK, though use magic again in a mature way that you think is impossible.
You can wear a traditional suit with a pair of pants, but I like a little quirk.Wearing a classic men's wear, wearing a dress is essential.The bow tie!It will take you back...Your brother's childhood.Celebrate your child and wear a bow tie with a beautiful dress.
Stella McCartney focused on the double.
Double coat with big shouldersThe size jacket for Prabal Gurung made his model wear a shoulder-on-shoulder jacket, and the impact of men's wear has been exciting this year.Become the prey of its magicBelieve me, you will never want to recover
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