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best running leggings for women 16 Types of Collars for Women's Clothes

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-25
The collar and collar have the ability to make or break the skirt.They provide the perfect fit and structure for our clothes, and of course make them look stylish.Many collar types can be seen in women's clothing.
Here is a list of 16 of them.
The collar can be divided into 3 basic types: Standing (suitable for the neck), flipping (rolling on the neck) or flat (falling on the shoulder ).A wide variety of collars can be seen in women's wear, but the element they share is that they are able to provide structure, support and style for any outfit.Each style is suitable for a different garment, enhancing the overall look of the garment.
For example, the dress with peter pan collar looks cute, but it may not work well with the formal shirt.Most collar types tend to have overlapping features, which makes it a bit difficult to distinguish them.In this fashion article, we try to simplify your things with pictures and some information about the different collars of women's wear.
The shawl collar immediately adds a delicate look to any outfit.It usually appears on sweaters, sweaters and dresses.Peter pan collar was very popular in early 1900 and is now making a comeback.
It is a flat collar located at the neckline for dresses and shirts.This is a very elegant collar that usually appears on a jacket or shirt.It is a neck around the neck, also known as the neck of China or Nehru.
Shirt collar is a kind of stand collar.
Many changes in shape and size can be seen in this type.It is seen on the shirt and looks very formal.The cloak collar is large and hung on the shoulder.
They are versatile and can give a formal and elegant look.It usually appears on tops, shirts and dresses.The butterfly collar hangs down from the shoulder and can even reach the waist.
It is very beautiful like the wings of a butterfly.Bai Mu led narrow, square at both ends.It can be seen everywhere in women's wear and tops.The Pilgrim's collar was wide and long and hung on his shoulder.
It has a circular shape that can be seen on the skirt.It is easy to distinguish from the deep V at the front and the square at the back.Inspired by traditional sailor uniforms, this collar instantly presents a lovely look.
The most suitable high-collar sweater.
There are a lot of changes to this, but basically a turn around collar.The Bertha collar has been popular since the Victorian era.It is a round-Flat collar in a comeback shape.
It can also be made of lace or fritters.
The platter collar is similar to the butterfly collar but is small in size.It hangs on the shoulder, shaped like the dog's ears.There is a stand on the back of the Chelsea collar and a medium collar with a V-neckline on the front.
It looks very smart and elegant on shirts and even shirts.The wing collar is a straight stand collar with wings-Like the folds in frontIt can be seen in formal shirts and is more popular with men.Choir-The boy can be called Peter Pan's brother and sister.
Except for the choir, both are very similar.The boy is getting bigger and bigger.The most convenient collar is removable.It can be attached to a skirt or shirt with rivets or ribbons.Also, you have enough space to try it.Many different variations can be seen in the collar type, and a single collar may also have multiple names.
In this article, we have introduced the most popular types
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