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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-24
Have you ever thought about putting a pocket on your gym shorts where you can put keys, wallets, phone calls, change or other small personal items?You can throw away your old pocket.New shorts with pockets are missing a pair but you don't have to do that.Making a pocket for your fitness shorts is easier than it looks faster.
Take another dress with a pocket.
Measure the pocket opening.
Turn the clothes over (if needed) and track the pocket size on paper with a pencil.Decide if this is really the size you want.If not, modify the opening and pocket size to suit your needs.
Use paper tracking as a pattern to cut out two pieces of material for each pocket you are going to make.Sew the three sizes of material together and leave an opening at the top, just like the pocket you measure.Each pocket you want to make makes a hole in the shorts.
Consider placement before cutting.
This hole should match the measurements you made in step 1.Turn your shorts over and sew the pockets you made into the pockets you cut.Do this for every new pocket you want to do.
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