athletic leggings on sale Sacramento kicks off its beer week and the Boonville Brewfest returns

by: INGOR     2019-08-23
athletic leggings on sale Sacramento kicks off its beer week and the Boonville Brewfest returns
Every Wednesday morning, SFGATE finds the biggest headlines of local (and sometimes national) beer at the ceremony.Check out news, events and information about your favorite local brewery special issue here every week.SFGATE has a two-week beer newsletter!Called Mash, it contains key local stories about your favorite beer and brewery as well as other more nationalIndustry News.Come sign up and come here.Did you save some holiday time?Sacramento is preparing to start its annual Beer Week event on Friday, April 26, until May 5.Nearly 150 events throughout the city will celebrate local beers from breweries such as new glory, city roots, claims, equipment, etc.View all activities on the official website.Elsewhere in northern California, Andson Valley Brewery is preparing for the 23 annual Boonville Beer Festival, which will begin on Saturday afternoon, April 27m.Playground in Mendocino County.Be sure to bring comfortable pantsMore than 80 breweries will be present this year, including the Russian River, co-op, Altamont, earthquake, del Silo and croverdale.Tickets are now on sale.Those who have long lamented the lack of crowbars in rare barrels can no longer complain: Berklee sour House --Now there's egg tart IPAs.Crowler option for a few beers per week.There is a new small bottle shop in the city.It's in a beer (and wine) bar that's already acclaimed.On Divisadero, fool's mission is to add a retail space.Most of the space sounds like it's reserved for wine bottles, but owner John Damon tells Eater that he's also installing a fridge for beer cans.Changes are expected to be completed within a few months.Alyssa Pereira is a staff writer for SFGATE.Email her at apereira @ sfchronicle.Or find her on @ alyspereira's Twitter.
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