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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-10
There is no doubt that the most challenging aspect of my book writing career is to make other aspiring authors aware of the value and cost of writing a book.
For consumers, measuring the true value of a thing is never a clear question.cut thing.This is because, if only from an individual's personal perspective on the project under consideration, subjective issues are involved.There are other factors that make it seem impossible for people to correctly determine what should be paid for the book writing service.
The challenge of measuring the value of something is heavily amplified by the huge price differences offered in the market.This is especially true and extreme in the world of book writing.If you have recently turned around on the Internet, this is not a new news for you.The price of writing an average size booksay 250 pages -A minimum of $1000 and a maximum of $250,000.Wow!I really believe that there is no greater diversity in pricing elsewhere in the business world.
How is it possible for a writer to provide $5000 for his/her book writing service, while another writer asks for $100,000 for allegedly identical books?Is the higher-Pay the writer a liar?Do we need to be careful to get our customers out?And warn everyone?What's interesting here is that it's not high-The price you need to worry about.
If the literary world is not mysterious and esoteric enough, then the problem of paying professional book writing services to the writers will certainly be more vague.
In an environment where consumers wait for goods to go public and can compare prices by halfMore than a dozen competitors who click the mouse button to sell the same product, if not impossible, it is difficult to effectively shop around for the bookmakers and professional book writing services.This is because this type of shopping does not work in the literary field.In fact, it is disastrous to treat it in this way.
I can't think of anything more relevant than the term "you get what you pay for" in the literary field, because it has something to do with book writing.For example, a product like a fishing rod, golf club, or trousers can easily be made into a more expensive (famous brand) that corresponds to an untrained eye ).But there is nothing more open and obvious than written writing.To convey ideas, feelings, and emotions, how they are connected and presented is something that metal paint, Chrome or counterfeit labels sewn into the seams cannot cover up.In other words, you can't pretend to have a great novel.You can't pretend to have a book of quality.You can't convince others that the concept of poor execution is as good as the idea and another book.No, as far as quality and aesthetics are concerned, the written text is obvious, just like seeing a spade and calling it a spade.Selling I can be cheated temporarily!
$1,000 nferio products worth $25.An example of this is that you can find a dime of a watch or counterfeit handbag.a-If you're just walking a block, there are a dozen along any major city street.
Again, successfully selected the best price for the real product (rather than counterfeit), from some competitive stores, requiring all products to be the same in terms of quality.
No two finished products are the same in writing books.Each is different.of-a-kind.They are built entirely on the basis of the creation of a particular ghost author.Without considering the ability of the author, it is a serious mistake to consider only the number of pages as a comparison.$5,000 offered by a substitute for $300Page book can't be considered as a better deal on the price tag of another ghostwriter for $30,000.
Building a person's decision on the basis of price is literary suicide and the death of some kind of life --long dream.
If you leave with this article, it should be like this: the price will never be the primary criterion for choosing a substitute author!
In the literary world, it is impossible to see Apple as an apple.Writing is art.It is creative and requires expertise, especially in book writing, because there is so much information that has to be manipulated.
How does a person know how much it costs to write their book?
This seems impossible at this point, but there is a practical way to shop for the generation author.It first requires a preliminary step of not shopping based on price comparison.After getting rid of this situation, it needs to know something about the current rate of the real professional book author.
Of course, the ongoing rates offered by professional book writers greatly impact the fees you pay for high incomequality book.According to your own research on professional writers, you will find that the price of book writing per page is between $100 and $250.Here you will find most real professional book writers.What are these prices guaranteed?In short, in fact, only a small number of people on this planet are able to produce 60,000 words or 100,000 words (or more) millions of people who cannot put down or stop turning pages until it is fully read.This alone shows that this ability is rare and therefore makes this work close to priceless.
You will find that there is an extreme price of $2 anywhere within the low price range of the book.00 to $50.£ 00 per page, it's just because these prices are made by non-Professional book writerThese people either: 1) have never actually written a printed/published book before, or 2) have published books of poor quality in the past.The reason I can say this very confidently is that no real professional writer can live at such a rate.When you consider the time and effort required to complete a high task (anywhere from 6 months to 18 months) andHigh quality books, such a price is lower than someone's quick flip burgerFood restaurant.To see this shocking fact, you just have to do the math.When someone boasts that they can make a 250-page book in 3 months, you will get what you paid for again!
The high-The final price of more than $250 per page comes from those who have done a very successful job --Sellers and the ability to ask for such a price in a similar way that the painter would do.
The non-Professionals, you have to realize that because this is where the dream of your book can be a catastrophic nightmare.If you can afford a handful of heights-Finally, ghost writers can enjoy this freedom in any case.
If you think this can't afford a reasonable price for professional tokens, please be awareAt least I personally have been doing this and who will do their best to help their clients create life --Dreams become reality.Pay the plan and reduce the rate in exchange for royalties, name confirmation, etc.Some of the things we do at the writing service
The bottom line is that if you hire a real professional ghostwriter, he/she wants your book to succeed as much as you do, there is absolutely no reason why you can't publish your book in the next few months.
What should you pay to a writer in order for your writing to come out?This is where your personal view of value works.As long as you stay away from the low-priced games that non-players are playingWith a large number of professionals, you will do a great job in achieving your lifelong dreams by having a high quality book that you can be proud of, a book that the world is willing to accept.
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