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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-10
Have you ever had interesting questions about life?Please read on.When it comes to interesting questions and ideas about life, every time I think I 've seen them, I find a problem that I 've never seen before, or come up with more of my own.Here are some of the articles I found or wrote, but I know there's more as it's if you find these interesting questions and ideas about life that make you smile, pass them on.Okay, let's get started!
Interesting questions about lifeWhy does Hawaiian pizza contain Canadian bacon?Grape Nut cerealNo grapes -no nuts.Huh?What's the difference between regular ketchup and fancy ketchup?Does the Dutch always share their bills?If you use Miracle Whip on miracle bread, do you have to use paradise ham?
Interesting questions about lifeThere was a day in the group Month. Did the mattress not sell?Why don't they make bullet-proof pants?Why is the Oriental carpet store always closed down?Is there any difference between some cloudy days and some sunny days?
Interesting questions about lifeGroup 3, if only one match is needed to light the forrest fire, why on earth do I need a whole box of matches and a can of lighters to light my grill?When they ship these foam plastic peanuts, what do they pack them?How do you know when pickles or sour cream are broken?
Interesting questions about lifeHow does group 4 know when a bagpipe needs tuning?There is a disclaimer for All state Insurance, which reads: not All states have it.What?If the main character of King Kong is a monkey, why not call it King Kong?Why is there "s" in the word lisp "?
Interesting questions about lifeIn Group 5, how did you never read the title "winning the soul lottery "?The next time someone says "now I see everything", ask if they 've seen a UPS truck parked in a parking space.Has anyone actually seen a happy ranchers?How do you remove the club soda stain if you have it?
Interesting questions about lifeHas anyone been fooled by a comb in addition to Donald Trump's wife?Is it really possible to change the direction of bowling by waving?There are elderly citizens, why are there no young citizens?
Interesting questions about lifeThey laugh is the best medicine.So, who came up with the phrase "I'm laughing?Why did the doctor leave the room when you were dressed?After all, they have seen you naked.What's wrong with America?There are only two options for the president, and there are only fifty for Miss America.Do they have any reason to nail down the lid of the coffin?What do butterflies have in their stomach when they feel uneasy or nervous?
Interesting questions about lifeWhere do they put the price on the nonstick pans?Why does it always fall off if it's called lipstick?They were already there when they sang.Why?Whose idea is it to make the word abbreviation so long?
Yes, these are just some interesting questions about men's lives --And the soul of a woman.No more interesting questions about life are listed here.Some of them came to me in one day.For example, why does every shampoo bottle say, foam, rinse, repeat?Excuse me, is it the first time I missed my head completely or are you just trying to sell more shampoo?If you have or have come up with any interesting questions about life yourself, feel free to send them and thank you for wasting a few minutes thinking about these interesting questions about life.Go out and do some good now.For example, find out what Chinese people call their good dishes...
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