all white zip up hoodie Dressing up: King sisters are single, selective and oh so stylish

by: INGOR     2019-08-18
all white zip up hoodie Dressing up: King sisters are single, selective and oh so stylish
These three kings and sisters are known for their unique personal style and impeccable performance, and they always turn their heads with their amazing ensemble's obvious laughter and affectionate touch,In fact, each of them is only two years old.They will reveal so much that they will not.The youngest Joyce is the one most likely to wear a gown, a sophisticated vintage watch and pearls.Grace, the sister in the middle, prefers casual pants and scarves, while the biggest sister, Philomena, has creative features that push her to customize her clothes and like organic jewelry, such as Whirlpool --A patterned fossil chrysanthemum pendant shown above.Philomena and Grace are managing directors of King & Co.Works of art-Museum ReservationQuality Asian art gallery on Sansome Street.Sisters are fourth.A generation of buyers of ancient Asian industry.Joyce is the merchandise manager at the purchasing headquarters in San Francisco, and DFS is responsibleShe specializes in luxury retailers.end watches.Grace said their mother was described by them as having a huge fashion influence, she was always "dressed perfectly" and designed her own cheongsam (traditional Chinese dress), as was their grandmother.Their father collects Asian textiles with vintage embroidery.Their brother, Phillip, lives in Hong Kong, where he is an investor in various industries and companies.Grace said: "He also likes fashion and he always looks United."Growing up in art and textiles, fashion and style, and a lot of travel, we all have a good focus on beautiful things very early," said Philomena .".Sisters love the color, just a little flash, but very little, wear black if any (link it to mourning from an early age )--Even if they go to New York.I must be very happy to borrow clothes from each other.How often do you raid each other's closet?Never!We never wear each other's clothes.I have never worn the clothes my sisters are wearing now!I will wear a dress on my trousers;I have never worn pearls or scarves, for example.I'm smaller than my sisters, so I tend to change everything.I love colors;I like yellow and orange.Bright, happy color.I am the most classic.I like the things of women;I am most comfortable in high heels.I'm not wearing jeans.I like fine jewelry.Grace likes bold jewelry, for example.The scarf Grace is wearing now?This is too elegant.It's not me.I like pants, sweaters and scarves.I think scarf is essential.It can change any outfit and they can match anything.I am the person with long hair. I think the scarf is very good with that.This is one of my signatures.I am a person who likes her clothes more than my sister.When you participate in Chinese culture or social activities, you often wear custom clothes.Cheongsam.What would it look like if you had to make one on the spot?P: I will make it into a short-sleeved jacket, a high collar with a bright floral pattern and wear it on my pants.J: I have three ankles.Split sleeve, long side seam.It will have a chiffon collar;Two colors.Shades of black and white, white transparent fabric in black, create a gray color.I will definitely add a vintage diamond brooch.I'm definitely not a dress.This will be a jacket cut like a coat with a Chinese collar and long sleevesI wear a lot of necklaces on my pants.Where do you like shopping?We often travel to Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Milan and London, where we buy a lot of clothes.We know the owner of the boutique and we have a lot of clothes for us.Sometimes we shop at Chanel and Prada stores in San Francisco.We like to find the latest things in Europe.We never shop online.How can you get something you can't touch or try on?It makes no sense to us.You're all single.What will you wear on your first date?If summer day dates are fun, I wear white linens, yellow and green floral silk shirts and green Christian Louboutin pumps.J: (Joyce has a boyfriend, but answer the question anyway ).I will wear pink.A beautiful pair of heels.G: I like three C: Leisure, comfort, fashion: I will wear dark --Blue Purple leather pantsA purple silk shirt, high-heeled shoes and a floral silk scarf tie it together.Just for fun ...Since you are always so fashionable, I wonder if you are so fashionable when you sleep at night?P: I'm practical.I wear Tse lightweight wool pajamas and loose cotton T-Shirt, zip with Xie GaronWearing a hoodie when it's coldJ: I'm a woman...I'm wearing a pair of Josie Natori.Long silk dress with lace on hem and corset.I'm wearing Victoria's Secret silk pajamas.
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