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all grey hoodie Video shows vehicle stolen from police

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-09
Video of four people.The driving vehicle stolen from insidea Tasmania has been released.On Saturday night, roberlin Hobart saw the aNissan patrol stolen in connection with motor vehicle theft.Surveillance footage showed a man in the yard surrounded by a gray owl pushing a trailer to block the patrol.
He then entered the vehicle and quickly entered the gate of the compound.A door was torn off and thrown into a public street.The surrounding fence was also badly damaged.
The vehicle and driver have not been found yet.The breach that occurred just after eleven o'clock P.M. prompted a review of the security process.
"Our security system is under review because it should be under review all the time and any faults are expected to be proven," said Hobart CIB inspection Inspector David Plumton .".Investigators are following specific investigation lines, he said.The registration number of the Nissan Patrol car is C39FY.
It is a white cab and a black tray with a hydraulic lift installed at the back of the tray.It's also aerobic.A acetate bottle tied to the rear of the cab.Anyone with any information is required to contact the police assistance line of 131444 or the criminal blocker of 1800333000.
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