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all grey hoodie Robber hits Hungry Jack's

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-07
Police are hunting for a man who robbed the South Launceston highway.A gourmet restaurant at gunpoint on Tuesday night.Police say Barack RavaThe dressed man holds a gun when he enters Hungry Jack's franchise at around 7.
50, and ask for money.
At that time, there were several customers and restaurant staff in the store.Police said the man got a sum of money and fled the scene.No one was injured during the robbery, but a spokesman for the store said the staff were shaken.
Launceston Police released photos of the man's security camera and called on the public to help identify him.He is said to be in his early 175,20 s.He was wearing a gray hoodie and a rustic jacket and a pair of balaclava, gloves and dark trousers.Anyone with information is required to call 333 000 on 1800 or North CIB on 6336 3915.
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