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all grey hoodie Plowrights want the nightmare to end

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-07
The mother of the missing Launceston man Ben Plowright says she just hopes that the nightmare will end after potential new evidence of her son's disappearance.Police in Tasmania state confirmed on Wednesday that forensic scientists tested a stain on Perth Mill Road on Sunday.It is reported that the police found the missing 20-year-old.
This stain may contain important evidence of Mr. Plowright's recent disappearance.Since then, investigators have expanded areas of interest and conducted more complex forensic tests.The results of the inspection are not yet known.
At about nine o'clock P.
on May 30, the last time people saw Mr.
plolette leave the party in Perth, wearing a gray hoodie, jeans, bright clothes --Converse shoes and glasses in color.Ruth, his mother, said the family just wanted the answer."We really want to end what is happening," she said .
"We hope there will be some kind of result.We want people to try to remember anything they might see that night.Mrs. plolette once again thanked the police for their continued efforts to find her son.
A large-Scale search in central PerthJune was the largest search of missing persons in the state of Tasmania in 30 years, but no trace of Mr. plolette was found.Since then, Tasmania state police have taken control of his Facebook page in an attempt to find clues.Mr. Plowright is 175 tall, slim and has brown hair.
He is Thai.
Police urged anyone with information about his disappearance to call the police at 333 on 1800 or at 131 444
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