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all grey hoodie Images of Tote bandit released

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-09
Police released CCTV photos of the man armed with a handbag in inverme on Wednesday night.Police officer Phil Barrett, acting detective, said a man wearing blue jeans, a black jacket, sunglasses and dark peas entered inverme Road at 6.Fifteen o'clock P.M. hand-held silver knife."He presented the weapon to a female employee and asked for the money," Officer Barrett said .
After receiving a large amount of cash, the man ran out from behind the house.Since then, no one has been injured and police have spoken to several criminal witnesses.So far, there are no suspects, and the Launceston Criminal Investigation Department is calling on the public to help identify the criminals.
Just four days before the robbery, the takeout of Thistle Street News Agency and South Launceston and the Alanvale store in Newnham were hijacked within half an hour.Ryan Cooke, an employee at Thistle Street, was threatened by a knife, but he chased the man.Drive the robbers away with a batPolice are still looking for criminals, but a man was later arrested for the crime in Newham.
The armed robbery of Hungry Jack on Wellington Street last Tuesday has yet to be resolved.On that occasion a man walked in fastGourmet restaurant at 7: 00.Before asking the staff for cash and fleeing the scene, a gun was presented at 50.
He is described in his early 17 s and 20 s in balaclava, gloves, dark trousers, a gray hoodie and a rustic jacket.Before the robbery.Upstairs at the Mowbray hotel.Two offenders -Both men are wearing balaclavas.After entering the hotel and skipping the bar, threaten a female staff member with a knife and run away with a lot of cash.
Nine days ago, another Barack Ravaclad knife-The Pizza Hut waving robbers on the King's grass did the same.The police are continuing to investigate the crimes and are calling again for information that might help investigators
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