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all grey hoodie Ahmed Elomar, brother of IS fighter, granted bail after alleged soccer match threat

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-08
A brother of a notorious Islamic State terrorist allegedly told an audience in a children's football match that he would kill him if it weren't for the electronic surveillance bracelet he had to wear.Parramatta District Courtxa0I heard today that Ahmed El Omar, 34xa0Crime sustaining-Since his release from gulben prison last year, he has been released on parole.But on Saturday, he found himself in a cell at Amber Laurel prison.
Field tiffxa0In the football matchxa0Ended in a heated debate.El Omarxa0Yes.xa0Brothers of Islamic State fightersxa0Muhammadxa0El Omarxa0Nephew.xa0Pandennis terrorismxa0Planning Alixa0El OmarMuhammadxa0Elomar released a photo of himself being beheaded in Syria,xa0It is believed to have been killed in Syria in last June.
Ali Muhammadxa0El Omarxa0Because of his role in the common prisonCoordinatedxa0The terrorist plot of Pendennis in 2005According to police, Ahmed, May 13xa0El Omarxa0His relatives are supporting him.xa0-16xa0Football matches between teams from St. Mary's Eagle Valley and Rabbi nareland.The Kooringa Reserve game became "very malicious" in the second half and ended with a "slight push/PUSH event" between players on the court, with the police stating the facts in court.
After the final whistle, Elomarxa0Allegedlyxa0Walk through the stadium towards the supporters of the opposing team.An audience allegedly told him, "Man, it's all about the children.Just let it go.Elomaxa0Wearing an electronic surveillance bracelet, allegedly as part of his parole condition, replied: "You're lucky I'm wearing this bracelet or I'll kill you.
Another witness was charged.
xa0I heard him say, "you f---ing c---.
If I don't wear this bracelet, I will--Make a hole in you.Police facts indicate that "the second witness is concerned that this means that the accused Elomar will shoot them .".Police said both were scared.After the arrest of El Omar in Minto on Friday, police said he admitted to the race but denied the threat.
He is said to have told police that an audience "hit him in the face" and shouted at him, but club officials intervened and told him to leave.On Saturday, Elomar was charged with tracking and intimidation in court, wearing long hair and a gray hoodie.When counsel Michael colonis applied for client bailxa0El Omar saidxa0He will stay at the house of the Denham Court and continue wearing a parole bracelet.
Mr Coroneos said: "He will not go anywhere because he has been electronically monitoredxa0Tell the court.If he is convicted, whether or not his parole will be revoked must be decided by the State Parole Authority.Mr. corneos.xa0He was instructed to defend the matter.
In the prosecution's view, the so-called threat is without reason.Magistrate Robert abwood granted Elomar's bail on the condition that he did not participate in the football match, stayed away from the prosecution witnesses and handed over a $1000 guarantor.The case was adjourned until August 15
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