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all black sweatshirt why do we keep watching 'pretty little liars' if our ...

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-15
In the summer of 2010, American TV brought a wonderful joy."Gossip Girl" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer" were perfectly combined, which dazzled us all.About seven years later, with the hard work of the script, "beautiful little scammers" live in the most unsuccessful stage in history --Previously, it was a real reference for the ABC Family and is now renamed Freeform, although it is still a flagship product.
Many of us, however, are still following in the footsteps of these little bitches losing their minds week after week.If you're one of those people who hate "beautiful little scammers" in your heart, they see "wires" with single-chip glasses and a cup of tea, but, don't worry, you can't avoid going back to Rosewood every week: You're not alone.Maybe you don't understand, but we will help you: we explain why you will still see this joy of guilt after worshiping Walter White.
1 .
From Chapter One, the eternal cliff has something that quickly becomes common to the little scammer: the villain in a black jersey has spent his day --to-day tasks.It doesn't matter if I kill, beheaded a doll or cook a stew: all the episodes end with a mysterious and mysterious music that makes us bite our nails, "who will it be?"," Who will be next?Victim?"," When can you find the ideal CEO position in Google?"Or" those leather gloves that allow you to write on your iPhone, can I buy them with Primark?"These problems are bothering everyone of us.2.The Series a of death, resurrection and evil begins with death, but this is not the case: Ali, the fifth component of the main character group, with his disappearance, everything begins and there is no death at all.
How do you stay?When we saw her wearing a wig, a mask, and even disguised as a clown, We suspected this when the show decided to become a supernaturalIn fact, very few people have studied this in this series.Let\'s reflect.3.A and its plan for the destruction of the world if everything can happen and won't attract you too much, then there is A factor that will definitely keep you on the screen every week :-A.Rob man: We are the smartest, most powerful and richest villain in TV history.
Yes, he started cracking a phone, but eventually he created a bunker worthy of Damo, where he played with the main character.It has several caves, millions of dollars, superhuman intelligence, invisible power, super power, deployment power, super speed and control of time and space.He studied industrial engineering, advanced computing, advanced Snap Chat and master's degrees at stalkeo.
Of course, he is more prepared than our main character.After seven seasons, Hannah is carrying an important job and it seems that she still doesn't know how to put America on the map.One thing is clear :-A is always one step ahead of everyone and nothing can stop it.
If you meet him/her, he/she will do something to stop you: grab a plastic box, for example, and nail it on the wall with nails that are as empty as a sandwich.This is what Arya knows.4.Emily Fields or how to elevate the excesses to another level we all agree that "beautiful little scammers" are not meant to fight in the big category of Emmy Awards, it is not to fight the "game of power" with the "motherland";okay.We also know that there is nothing special about his cast, and a series like this requires silence, scaling, acting and background music to open your mouth.
But this is about Emily Felder.
..Something from Emily Fields is amazing.
Costume of AriaBut most importantly, you may not have enough reason to explain why you are joining the teen series.Have you ever thought about clothing?Oh, costume.Assuming there are more than 20 episodes per season, in some episodes the scammer changes the costume.
After seven seasons, a total of 140 episodes were taken...Suppose there are 150 different outfits and combinations for each protagonist.If the universe is infinite, think about the size of Aria's closet.
Because yes, they all dress up as cocktails in the institute, but Aria's style has penetrated into popular culture: there will be those yellow stilts that appeal to future generations --A. "I'm here, kill me ";Or a blue dress at a Mecano concert.The biggest mystery of this series is that you don't know who the villain is;The biggest mystery of this series is to know if Nania is really behind the closet for some information.
New boyfriend or girlfriend: Rosewood with "Touch right", we reached the last point, but not the least.One of the big advantages of "beautiful little scammers" is that there are new good characters every season.They crossed the rosewood with some excuse to focus on their mysterious past and get them there.
Because every new member of the cast is a new potential partner for any of our scammers.If they are not interested, they will leave as soon as possible and they will stay longer if they are interested."Beautiful little scammers" have little time to disappear from our lives and we will be one of those who strongly mourn their loss.
A game of drinking will never be the same, summer will become more boring, and eventually discover that the big villains of this series will leave the world without the great mysteries that make us feel alive.Let's enjoy the last point of the most damn TV series of the last few years, because after all, that's what it's about: enjoying its absurdity and lack of complexity.Not much
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