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activewear for women State pays tribute to inspiring woman

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-22
Political friends, enemies and groups in society came together to pay tribute to the former bass Liberal MHA Sue Napier who died yesterday.Mrs Napier, a former deputy prime minister and opposition leader, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of 2008.She responded well to treatment last year and was optimistic about the future.
However, a secondary cancer was diagnosed in February.Even the second diagnosis did not stop Mrs. Napier, who resigned as a Liberal member of Bath but worked backstage during the March state campaign.
But last Friday, her fate changed at the age of 62.year-The old man was admitted to St. Luke's Hospital in Launceston after he fell.She found more tumors and called her family to her side.
Yesterday, political, academic and community leaders from the state of Tasmania paid tribute.A fifth-Born in latb in January 1, 1948, Mrs. Napier is the daughter of former Legislative Council chairman and Lionel Messi veteran Harry Brady and his wife Lionel Messi.
She grew up on a family farm and attended Sheffield and Alverstone primary schools and Alverstone and Devonport High School.Mrs. Napier holds a master's degree in art from the University of Leeds, a bachelor's degree in art from the University of tazhou (honors), a diploma in sports and a Tasman teacher's certificate.She is the chairman of the Tasmanian Netball Association, a member of the Academic Senate of Tasmanian University and a state convener of the National Women's Committee.
Napier, a member of the Australian Health, Sports and Recreation Council, joined Young Liberals in her 1970 s and became president of Young Liberals.Mrs. Napier's political life reflects her personal passion for fair access to quality health and education for all Tasman people.Former Liberal Prime Minister Ray Groom recalled Napier's political years in the 1970 s.
"When I first met Sue, she was a positive, sharp, energetic and lively person," said Mr. groom ."."She is a small 'l' liberal.There are people in the Liberal Party who stand up for their own problems, and that's how she looked when she was young.She quickly established her own parliamentary qualifications and entered Parliament in 1992 with the new government of the groom.
Her campaign slogan is "women are the best men at work ".The groom even touted her as the future prime minister.He initially promoted her to Assistant Honorary Minister for Youth Affairs and the status of women.
But on 1995, a few weeks before the state elections, she made a huge breakthrough when Cabinet veteran Ian Brady retired and Ray Groom promoted her to cabinet.At 1996 minority party and government house in Tony runder, Mrs. Napier served as deputy prime minister and minister of education.
Later, she strongly opposed the present.
Tower state failed after tomorrowyear-Education reform, and actively strive to recover the reform.Bath's colleague, Rene hiding, talked about Mrs. Napier's political life yesterday.He spoke slowly, thinking about every word carefully.
His usual, powerful anger has temporarily disappeared the grief of losing an old friend."Party politics rarely allows individuals to shine above normal party noise," he said ."."In an environment where personal positions are often the first victims of this process, she stands above all of us in Tasman politics.
"She never scolded anyone in a political game."She has left a very strong legacy for the current and future members of the Liberal Party."I also know that on the other side of politics --all sides -She was seen in Parliament as a benchmark for preparation, hard work and debate.
\ "If she feels strongly about something, nothing is too hard for her.Colleagues and friends say she is considered an inspiring teacher and lecturer.Her efforts to put an end to all forms of discrimination, to fight for women's equal rights and the legitimate rights of gay Tasman have brought her wide respect.
She likes sports.
Especially netball.
Education, Community and Youth Affairs.
During yesterday's memorial service, colleagues called Mrs. Napier a pioneer."There is no doubt that she will be re-opened"He was elected in 2010 but was knocked down due to illness and decided not to run," said Liberal Party president Sam mcquestan .".He said she was appointed as a lifetime member of the Liberal Party earlier this year and that the party will miss her very much.
Former Labor prime minister Paul Lennon praised Mrs Napier."Sue is a highly respected member of parliament who enjoys the respect and admiration of all political parties," said Mr. Lennon ."."There is no doubt that the highlight of her career is the period from 1996 to 1998 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education.
"It was during this period that she showed that she was a very smart person and was able to play a leading role in an important area of public policy."In later years, she was known for her tenacity to do things for individual voters seeking her help."Sadly, her fight against cancer has failed, but the admiration of a community full of gratitude will last for years.
The 25-year-old son James and 28-year-old Alex, sister Debbie Boyce and brother Greg Brett survived.Mrs. Napier's husband Drew died of esophageal cancer in April
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