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activewear for women Looking back: Field and fashions of 2009 Launceston Cup

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-22
Before heading to 2019 Launceston Cup, please get some inspiration from the game ten years ago.At ten o'clock A.M. this year, Gates will participate in the World Cup.Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.
\ Fashion at the scene, on the venue in front of the stagexa0One o'clock P.M. startThere will be prizes for fashion and women's hats for men and women.\ The photographer entered the gate from 11.
Enter the People's Choice Award on the morning of the 30 th.Prizes include overseas holidays and mealsxa0In Stillwater.Bright colors and flower language are expected to be a popular choice for competitors.
Tas Racing board member Sue Reese in this year'sxa0For both men and women, the Launceston Cup is full of color and floral patterns."The judges will focus on the physical form and the overall image.They want to see the costume coordinate well with the headsuit ,\"xa0She said.
For women, stockings are always classified as "great accessories," she says"xa0The clothing below will play a big role.\ "The things below make the top look good ,\"xa0She said.Shoes are recommended to be in good condition and fit for people to wear to ensure they are well carried on the runway.
Men's clothing will also be a difficult task for the judges.\ "Now, what they add to the accessories is awesome, even thinking about handkerchiefs, hats and sunglasses ,\"xa0She said.\ "The most suitable fitting for them to carry is a telescope.
However, she warned men not to wear socks.But if men are going this way, she suggests they bring band aids
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