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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-11
A colleague is mainly engaged with women.Women wear them all the time in the pursuit of slim and sculpture.While scientifically designed and constructed belts can make you feel and look great, making a bad belt can make the wearer feel sore.The Atlanta-based Marena group, the world leader in compression clothing after surgery, has successfully addressed this issue after years of scientific development, laboratory testing and clinical analysis.Thanks to Marena, men can now also enjoy high performance and ultra-comfortable straps.The company brings its expertise in the manufacture of therapeutic compressed garments to the development of a range of innovative and high-performance shape garments for conventional non-medical purposes.This is the compressed garment of Marena's daily series and is the only product of its kind that combines F5 textile technology with advanced garment design.
Today, the Marena daily series includes shape wear and sleep wear only for women, active wear for men and women, and men's equipment.It turns out that the only product line for men can produce a weight loss effect equal to the size of a pair of pants.Marena supports this statement using real body scanner results.
All ComfortWeave Men's gear products are manufactured, and the front compression fabric is certified by Marena Tuss F5.This fabric has been scientifically developed and tested at the university level, combining five key properties, and is the most effective and comfortable compressed material on the market today.All Marena's day-to-day clothing is woven from Comfort to provide unparalleled support compression and comfort.No other brands offer this state-of-the-art mix.
What makes ComfortWeave unique is its strong elasticity, durability, softness, built-in Coolmax®Water management technology and effective antimicrobial protection.Other compressed garments found on the market are usually made from powernet fabric, which can be made with high compression or high stretch at a time, but not at the same time.Comfort weaving, on the other hand, combines a unique three dimensional stretch feature to provide a full range of support for the body.The high elasticity ensures that the fabric, while providing high compression, can also produce a little parcel like the second skin without causing painful extrusion.
Laboratory tests have proved that F5 certified fabrics are the most durable stretch materials on the market today.The fabric is constructed in such a way that high-quality fibers lock each other in hard worn tissue, which is tough enough to withstand long wear and strict washing.The test showed that the daily garment was able to maintain the shape after 30 intensive washes and 60 000 bends.It turns out that Powernet fabric is not that elastic.
A specific mixture made of premium yarn such as invistas s Lycrasoft spandex and Tactel nylon fibers, making the comfortable tissue so soft that it feels like silk on the skinBoth Tactel and Lycrasoft have proven to be one of the best performing and softest fibers in today's industry.Because Marena's everyday clothes are very soft, people can wear them all day.
All Marena day-to-day clothing comes with built-in Coolmax®Moisture absorption ability to dry the sweat from the skin to the outer surface and atmosphere of the garmen Pavilion.This unique feature ensures that the garment stays dry and cool throughout the wearing process.
Built-in antimicrobial protection prevents bacteria, mold and other microorganisms from growing on the fabric and producing unpleasant smells.Therefore, no matter how hard and long the wearer works, he will feel clean and fresh.
The daily men's wear range includes tanks, bike shorts, short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts, and sports shorts.These outfits are for today's men who like to feel comfortable and nice at the same time.Like all the day-to-day clothing, men's styling clothing also adds power and performance.In the case of men, this increase could be as high as 12%.The high Leka content in the comfortable tissue reduces muscle vibration, thus ensuring that the muscles are not so prone to fatigue.As a result, daily wearers find that they have more energy to exercise.F5-certified fabrics also improve blood circulation.
No matter how your lifestyle is, no matter how hard your workout plan is, Marena offers you the right solution every day.The sturdy and durable universal tank is able to withstand the most demanding procedures and looks and feels good in the process.Because it has antimicrobial protection, you stay fresh throughout the process.Try it and feel the difference;It will most likely be one of your closets.haves.
A sleeveless T-shirt provides flexible support for your torso while allowing your arms to move freely.This high-performance comfortable T-shirt is ideal for work and entertainment.
If you want some tough, comfortable and versatile clothes that can be worn almost anywhere, try a short-sleeved shirt.Whether you are working or casual, this durable and flexible shirt guarantees comfort and vitality.
The long-sleeved turtle neck sports shirt is very strong and comfortable, and it is very suitable for outdoor activities.The delicate look makes it look great and you will find yourself more comfortable wearing it.Whether you are working outdoors, playing football, or on the trail, this shirt will support and move with you.
Daily Sports shorts provide comfortable support in the gym or on the track.They are tough but light in weight, soft and flexible.Breathable fabric ensures you stay cool and dry during marathon training.
If you're looking for high performance and comfort on a long trip, try Marena's daily sports pants.No matter how long and hard you exercise, these hard pants in pants will support you and move with you.Wicking fabric®Moisture absorption technology ensures that you stay fresh and dry while running long distances or riding your bike, as well as long term weight training at the gym.
With this series of scientifically developed comfortable sculptural tank shirts and pants, you no longer need to feel stiff, sweaty and uncomfortable.Pick up Marena's daily clothes and feel the difference in performance and comfort.You will find yourself looking great too!
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