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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-11
Marena Group, the world leader in compression clothing after surgery, has launched a range of daily clothing suitable for routine non-therapeutic uses.Shape clothing is a daily product line designed to produce a weight loss effect equivalent to the full clothing size.The company supports this statement with actual body scanner results.
These products are manufactured by Marena comfors ComfortWeave fabric, a F5 Certification material that is in the process of applying for a patent and successfully used in the manufacture of Marena compression garments in the medical industry.Now, fabrics that have been shown to produce real therapeutic effects are also used to produce better shape wear to provide unparalleled support and comfort.
The Marena Group was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Lawrence Ville, Georgia.The company produces all its products at the state-of-the-art sewing factory in the United States.About 80 employees from 13 countries work at the company's manufacturing plant in Lawrence Ville.The fabric was produced at a factory in North Carolina.Today, the small company, founded from Georgia's founder's home, has grown into a leading enterprise in plastic surgery, targeting markets in as many as 55 countries around the world.
Marena Everyday is the company's non-medical clothing brand.The scope of daily life is generated by equally rigorous scientific development, laboratory testing, and clinical analysis standards that make medical compression clothing by marena Marie the best in the world.This series covers four product categories: sleep wear and shape wear for women, active wear for women and men, and equipment for men.Customers prefer everyday items because they combine performance and comfort better than other brands on the market.This series of clothing has a solid backing for the results of medical certificates.
The company has introduced its extensive expertise in medical apparel into the development of a range of technically advanced garments that are slim and styled and ideal for everyday use.These products are designed to bring immediate results and long-term benefits to ordinary wearers.More and more women choose Marena's day-to-day styling outfits, as they offer unparalleled support compression and a high degree of comfort.
It turns out that wear in everyday shapes can have a significant weight loss effect.With advanced slimming, flat and enhanced features, these costumes are designed to make women slimmer and more plastic in an instant.No matter which part of the body needs weight loss and engraving, Marena has a shape wear solution.Shape-wearing products are used to disguise trouble points and flatten in parts such as stomach, back, thighs, hips and waist.In addition, they are designed to enhance the parts of the body with the help of supplementary filling and curves.
Marena's daily clothing has become the first choice for many customers because it perfectly combines cutting-edge textile technology with innovative clothing design.All daily products are woven from comfort, the most effective and comfortable compressed fabric in use today.This material was developed using F5 textile science, which combines the five key textile properties required to produce high quality tensile and compression materials.F5-certified fabrics are capable of performing optimal stretching and compression at the same time, while Powernet, the fabric used to make other brands in the category, is capable of high stretching or high compression, but not both at the same time.
Distinguishing between day-to-day shape clothing and other clothing on the market is characterized by 3D stretch, softness, durability, Coolmax®Water management technology and antimicrobial protection.These state-of-the-art features will naturally bring significant benefits to users.
While a shaped garment has excellent compression power that makes the wearer look thinner immediately, it doesn't make her stiff and uncomfortable.This is possible because comfortweave has unique 3D stretching properties that provide multi-directional support without squeezing the body.The high elasticity enables the fabric to produce a small amount of elasticity while providing effective compression.The blend of Invistas s Lycrasoft and Tactel fibers makes the comfortable tissue so soft and feels like silk, wrapping the body like a second skin.Marena daily products are proven to be the most durable compression wear product on the market today.The test shows that a daily garment can maintain its shape even if it exceeds 30 strict washes and 60,000 bends.Built in moisture absorption ability, sucking sweat from the skin to the outer surface of the garment and sucking it into the air, ensuring that the garment remains dry and cool even after wearing it for a few hours.Antimicrobial protection devices that prevent bacteria and mold from growing on fabrics make the wearer feel clean and fresh throughout the day.
For women with a fat ball problem, the Marena daily series has a very popular advantage.The appearance of the fat mass is the result of poor lymph circulation, which causes the fiber to become thicker and bind to the collagen chain in the fat cells.The resulting ultra-thick fibers exert considerable pressure on fat, resulting in fat swelling up and squeezing the skin to produce an uneven appearance of the dimples.The Comfort fabric of Marena Tuss solves this problem by promoting lymphatic drainage.The improved lymph flow makes the skin tone smoother and helps reduce the appearance of fat masses.
The clothing in the everyday shape provides excellent performance, is also stylish and flattering.The clothes you wear in your shape will definitely make you feel good both inside and outside.These costumes are versatile and you can combine them with almost anything to achieve a stylish look that fits.This styling includes leggings, bodice, a boat collar shirt, camping pants, and shorts.They are stylish and comfortable and can be worn almost anywhere.
So if you want to look slim, well-proportioned, stylish and not feel uncomfortable, go and buy a dress of everyday shape.This product has such a good balance between performance, comfort and style that you will definitely see and feel the difference immediately.
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