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2 in 1 running capris The 3 INQ Mini 3G is an awesome handset

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-09
The 3 INQ Mini 3G is a small and interesting phone.This phone is ideal for those who like to keep in touch with friends through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.It can carry your favorite social networking sites with you when you leave home.On its home screen you will find a touch access system that takes you directly to the site you need.
The episode will automatically update your friend's recent posts, pokes, and tweets to remind you.The phone is the ultimate device to constantly update the latest details in your friends and colleagues!This is not all!This phone allows you to switch between more than two sites at a time without having to log out from one account.
Let's take a look at the other features of this model.Its home screen is 2.2 inches.This size is good enough to have a clear view of your email, information on the site, pictures, etc.It has a built-in camera 2.0 mega pixel.Don't forget that the excellent internet connection of the phone allows you to download the website quickly.It is equipped with a built-in HSDPA modem that enables the connected PC to browse at high speed.It allows you to download a large number of mobile related downloads such as the latest news, sports headlines, music videos, etc.
This model also comes withBuilt-in support for dual twist software.This software further broadens your choice of content downloads.For example, you can download iTunes, videos, movies, etc right away.It also supports Skype.This means that you can easily change your computer or laptop in order to make free calls to other Skype users.This multi-Enjoy access to popular email services over featured phones.This means that you can access your email account via Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc.Another unique attraction to most young users is its expertiseActivity address book.This book reflects your status to all contacts listed in the address book.This is the best way to show updates to friends and family.

It is also very attractive.The phone is also well designed.However, the lid and all the other visible parts seem to be made of plastic.The general treatment will cause some cracks and scratches here and there.So as a user, you have to make sure you don't give it up again and again.

There is a fixed keyboard that can be easily adjusted under the LCD screen.Its size is 46mm x 13mm x 103mm.In addition, it weighs only 90 grams.So there will never be a problem putting this phone in your pocket.So those who like small phones that are not notable will like the phone.


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