Advantages of linen yoga clothing

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-01-30
Flax is a kind of hemp, as well as Ramie, flax, sisal, Ramie and so on. Flax has excellent moisture absorption and ventilation function. Tested: The moisture absorption rate of linen fabric is 7. 6 times, the air permeability is 4. 5 times, antistatic is 400 times that of polyester fabric, and it has good antibacterial property and is the most hygienic fiber. Linen has the advantages of fine and smooth cloth surface, soft and elastic hand feeling, cool and comfortable wearing, sweating and not close to the skin. Characteristics of flax: a. Hemp fiber is cellulose fiber, and its fabric has similar properties to cotton; B, hemp fabric has the characteristics of high strength, good hygroscopicity and strong heat conduction, especially the strength ranks first among natural fibers; C, linen dyeing performance is good, bright color, not easy to fade; D, not very sensitive to alkali and acid, Mercerizing can occur in caustic soda to enhance strength and luster; Short-term action in dilute acid (1-2 minutes)After, basically no change. Of course, strong acid still hurts it; E, good mildew resistance, not easy to get wet and moldy. 5, milk protein composite fiber (Bohr yoga clothes are mostly made of this kind of material) Milk protein composite fiber is a new type of textile raw material prepared by degreasing and dewatering protein from milk, making milk protein spinning slurry with high technology, wet spinning and special finishing process. It is suitable for textile all kinds of inner and outer clothing materials, and can also produce short fibers of different fibers and lengths, so as to be suitable for blending or interweaving with cotton, wool, hemp, chemical fiber, etc. Milk protein composite fiber contains 17 kinds of amino acids, and the protein composition is 25%-30%, pH value at 6. About 8, slightly acidic; Use the projector to observe its shape, with hidden stripes in the longitudinal direction and smooth edges; The cross section is circular. Therefore, it can be said that milk protein composite fiber is a synthetic fiber containing animal protein amino acids, and its performance is closer to that of natural fiber silk. It has the characteristics of natural fiber and synthetic fiber, and has soft and skin-friendly wearing comfort; It also has high strength, antibacterial and anti-mite wearing.
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