abbey clancy shows off her gym-honed figure in bright workout leggings as she unveils her new reebok line

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-16
She is a top model, a doting wife and mother, and now a successful writer.
Abby Clancy released her new Reebok FW16 women\'s collection on Wednesday, continuing to dominate the fashion industry. The 30-year-
When she leaned against a new mural on a matching leggings, the old beauty looked sexy, showing her gym --
Grind your legs perfectly.
Scroll down to watch the video. Underneath her sleeveless Reebok logo top is a pink sports bra that she finished with blue sneakers.
Looking at the stunning photos, the Liverpool bomb gave a healthy glow during her recent holiday in southern France, while she made her sweet blonde lock cover her face.
As a senior figure in the model industry, Abby showed her talent and she made a series of poses to show her design skills.
Pose with her impressive interior lines at the beautiful 5ft9, showcasing a range of printed, vibrant logo costumes that will be sold at atDW Sports. Abbey -
He raised five-year-old daughter Sophia and 13-month-old freedom, 35-year-old soccer player husband Peter Crouch.
Recently explained that she is now a mother and her personal style has changed.
In an interview with The Daily Mail this week, she explained: \"Now that I have become a mother of two children and have been working, she explained: \"My style has changed a bit and I need to look better during the day than going out at night. \".
When I go to pick this series I want to inject some color when the weather changes and I want it to be comfortable and stylish, good quality and easy to wear.
\"So, I focus on some casual but stylish everyday stuff, which is great for you when you\'re working, you\'re busy, or you\'re on the go, need to buy something that looks fashionable, good quality, reasonable price.
Abby also revealed that she showed her love for fashion in her husband Crouch\'s closet.
\"I bought Peter clothes,\" she said.
\"It\'s hard for him to wear such a tall dress, and he finds it hard to get a lot of things that fit him, but he\'s good for classic things, cut jeans, nice shirts and shoes.
\"He was not really involved in my clothing choices;
He just said \"yes\" to everything, so, you know, he\'s a typical person!
Now Abby wants to expand her empire by becoming a full empire. fledged author.
Judge BINTM revealed: \"I think my career is really lucky to be able to do something that I really like and am interested in.
\"I really like to write my book and remember my name and the whole process is very charming to me so I want to go on this path.
\"Obviously, clothes are my passion, so it\'s also great to continue with Matalan.
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