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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-08
Personally, how to match shoes with sportswear suits depends on your personal temperament. Blue clothes look very good with white or black shoes. I like to wear a sportswear manufacturer suit with these two colors of shoes, and they are low-top running shoes, which are very beautiful. Good running shoes are not hot in summer. How to match the sportswear suit with shoes, hats, etc. is very particular: sports make fashion. Sun hats, wristbands, hair bands, T-shirts……The popularity of these shuttles in shopping malls and alleys stems from the evolution of sportswear and equipment. On the clothing stage of each season, there will always be sports-related designs looming. suits are no longer the patent of athletes, it has become the darling of the whole fashion industry. Perhaps because of this, the sports trend in the summer of 2004 was even more unstoppable because of the Athens Olympic Games. This is a season when sports fashion is very popular. If you love sports or like fashion, if you don't move, you will be out of date!“verb: move”It is not necessary to buy many new clothes, as long as you get a few points of collocation and details, you can easily establish your own sports and leisure style. Large-collar T-shirt + strapless dress = bright, sweet, and a T-shirt with an exaggerated collar will be very cool on a hot day, but after all, you must always be aware of the danger of being exposed, and it will be inconvenient to move. If you add a knee-length dress of the same color to the outside, the effect is immediately visible. The slip-on method is very popular in recent years, and you will see its shadow in spring, summer, autumn and winter. In hot weather, the inner and outer two pieces of clothing have higher requirements on the material, as long as you grasp it properly“Tight inside and big outside”The principles can be arbitrarily matched. (Sports pants wholesale) T-shirt + one-step skirt = lady If you choose a top made of sportswear material with a Chinese-style slanted neckline, and a one-step skirt with a large flower pattern on the lower body, the variation of the T-shirt will be more close-fitting and also You can outline a beautiful body line, and wearing such a sports-style formal dress to a dinner party will not only suit the occasion, but also look different. However, it is recommended that girls who are too plump in the upper body or have a thicker neck should not try it easily. T-shirt + dress + sneakers = fresh, cute T-shirt with too big collar, sleeveless dress with too big cuffs, have you ever encountered such an embarrassment? And stacking is the best solution to this problem. It's not clear whether the sports embellish the lady or the lady dresses up the sports, the lace on the dress can make up for the lack of softness of the T-shirt, and the T-shirt can cover the excessive sexiness of the mesh suspenders at the same time. Chest wrap + sports trousers + sneakers = capable, sexy and beautiful shoulders and delicate ankles are often sexy details that are easily overlooked, so the combination of a strapless vest and trousers can make the two appear together at the most timely time come out. If the lower body is matched with a pair of trousers with the same soft color as the top, it will look more sexy. If you want to look more capable, you can choose a dark color for the vest. Vest + trousers + sports shoes + shoulder bag = a lively, free and easy hooded sports vest itself is very decorative, and there is nothing special in matching with bottoms. The finishing touch of this kind of matching is on the sports shoulder bag. Under its contrast, the athletic girl who used to be very powerful adds a little more delicacy. Using the principle of relativity, matching some more exaggerated accessories on the originally rough sportswear suit can form a combination of rigidity and softness. T-shirt + low-crotch pants = casual, natural low-crotch pants have been trending since last year. This kind of feminine pants is very easy to think of the feeling of Aladdin's magic lamp. The bright red will make the pants more exotic. Vest + short skirt + high-top sneakers + camouflage sun hat = charming, elegant vest with bright numbers on the chest will make the whole set of elegant clothes a little more youthful and dynamic. Wild camouflage and classic black and white collide to create unpredictable expressions. If the flower pattern and color of a single product are more complicated, it is better to give up the idea of ​​contrasting colors, so that it can look more refreshing, and try to find some of the same color as much as possible, and people can be more energetic. The above are a few tips on how to match sportswear suits. The editor will share more clothing matching methods in future articles, so that more friends can learn how to match sportswear suits and easily control sportswear. Make sports popular.
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