A 17-year experience of Guangzhou underwear manufacturer ingor knitting 'lost orders'

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-25
Underwear manufacturers believe that they often encounter such problems, especially underwear manufacturers who do network marketing. Inquiries from customers through the Internet, customers send some samples or send samples, let them quote, and after the price is quoted, There is no news from the customer, and then communicated and explained that it was given to the competitor underwear manufacturer. The reason is that the customer ran away because the price given by the other underwear manufacturer was lower, which also happened in the 17-year ingorsports of Guangzhou underwear manufacturer. Today, I would like to share with you a real experience of 'losing orders' in Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports.

Last month, a foreign trade company in Shanghai found our underwear manufacturer through the Internet, inquired about several women's underwear, and at the same time asked me to recommend some of our hot-selling products, and I recommended some of our hot-selling products to customers , and quoted the price, the customer said he would think about it first. Two days have passed and I have not received the order information from the other party.

I called and consulted the customer here, and I learned that there are other underwear manufacturers with similar prices lower than ours, so he placed an order at their home first. In fact, in the early communication, I also learned that customers mainly supply some large foreign supermarkets, and their requirements for product quality are relatively high. According to the customer's export area and product requirements, our underwear manufacturers offer not high prices. We are low, and there should be differences in the materials used, including the quality. I have nothing to say here, and no further contact with customers.

At the beginning of this month, the customer suddenly sent a message on WeChat. He asked me about the prices of several models, and I saw that they were still some of the women's underwear that I recommended to customers last time. After I quoted the price, the customer didn't say anything and asked about the deposit. I told him that our underwear factory cooperation is to pay 30% of the order first, and the rest will be paid before delivery. The customer asked if he could send samples first. Of course we can reply.

Send the sample to the customer within three days, and the customer is very satisfied after receiving it. Without saying a word, they told us to come to our underwear factory to visit and negotiate the next day.

The next day the customer arrived as scheduled and came to our underwear factory. After visiting the factory, the customer quickly paid the deposit, signed the order, and explained the urgent matters. According to customer requirements, it is impossible for customers to purchase the same women's underwear in a short time, there must be other reasons. I asked the customer and learned that the customer said that the samples sent by an underwear manufacturer in front of him were ok. He could wait for him to make a deposit and wait for the factory to make the products. When he went to inspect the goods, he found that 70-80% of the products were not. There is a problem here, that is, it does not meet the requirements there, so it can only be rejected, and now it is still arguing with the underwear factory for unqualified products. And he repeatedly told us not to have such a situation. The reason why he came to the factory was to confirm whether the scale and strength of our underwear factory were really what we said.

Last week, the customer also sent someone to our underwear factory to inspect the goods, and he was very satisfied. The customer praised our underwear factory management standard, and the quality of underwear products is reliable and guaranteed.

In the 17 years of ingorsports in Guangzhou underwear manufacturer, each of us focuses on customers to make products. In terms of materials, I also choose materials such as Yili or Shanggao Huading Company. It is to strive for excellence, and the quotation is reasonable and fair. Therefore, it is recommended that customers do not pay attention to the price when inquiring online. The price of the same women's underwear is not necessarily what you want!

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