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9 best bikini brands for larger busts

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-15
Few of us can claim that we really like bikini shopping.
Don\'t mind those of us with Type D boobs: fragile triangles and some strings are hardly helpful to support or prevent sliding;
Dress size will not be converted into bra size, God will help you if you happen to be uneven in proportion and need the bottom 10 and top E.
But if you want to buy a bikini that offers both style and support, there seems to be very few options --
Especially on the street.
So we have been looking
It looks better to wear a swimsuit and can at least ease some of the pain in the dressing room.
All brands are either experts in the Great Depression period or a series specially designed for them, all bikini have cup size instead of skirt size, comfortable to wear, and most importantly, safe enough to do a good splash without worrying about accidental slipping.
Freya is one of the brands from-
K cup powerhouse Wacoal has a good relationship with companies such as Fantasie and Elomi.
Its current collection is the best concern-
High catch printneck styles (
Unusual in larger cup sizes)
And a beautiful sweetheart tie.
Its high neck and white pipe, which is a sporty bikini, is usually not found in the size of the cup, not normal (and dreaded)
Small, medium and large.
This one is wired and has a slight padded cup, but it is done very carefully and you will never know, and it feels very safe when swimming, almost like a sports bra.
Buy now clothing brand Wolf & History teamed up with online retail giant Asos to create a swimwear range of up to G cups.
All designs are limited edition
Between 50 and 200 is by each-
So you have to shoot them down quickly.
But it is also unlikely that you will see people on the beach who are dressed like you.
We love this soft, creamy Marilyn Monroe collection.
For those of you who don\'t like the bikini structure and padding to make the chest look bigger, this is an ideal option --
It\'s unstructured but still has a lot of coverage.
Cage neck and wide straps mean there is also no risk of slipping.
If anyone knows about beach life, buy it now. two friends set up Lily and lime: one living in Australia and the other in Bermuda.
They are tired of trying to find a bikini that is both stylish and suitable for their bigger business and decide to make it on their own.
Lilly & lim\'s swimwear is available in D to HH cups, and the freight is AUD 12 (about £7).
The product features a full-sized cup and broadband and comes with a clip for proper support, but the cage neck and gray pink palm pattern mean it doesn\'t just look like a bra.
And the safest-
Feel like the bikini top we \'ve tried: It\'s just as good for water sports as casual swimming.
Buy nowPour Moi is-
Despite the name-
A British brand: Every swimsuit is designed and made here.
It has the largest range of bikini we found (
In the DD World, the actual choice is novel)
Style does not look inappropriate on the street. Available in A-J cup sizes.
The mesh on this simple black bikini is tapped for motion --
The trend of luxury also manages to make quite adequate-
The covered cups look smaller than they are.
It has cross straps and light padding on the back, providing additional lifting.
Buying best London now is based on so-simple-you-wonder-why-noone\'s-done-it-
Different designs are suitable for different cup sizes.
There are three changes in every design. X, Y and Z -
For different cup sizes: for DD (up to a G)
You\'re chasing Z styles.
We like the old color.
This school textured fabric.
It is simple, stylish and very comfortable with a lovely cross back for maximum support with a hidden wired bra inside.
There is also black.
Now it\'s an old man.
When it comes to the greater depression, loyal brands have been producing premium bras of up to 1995 size L cups.
Its range is mainly bra
Style bikini, with high top, adjustable straps and back buckles, but variations in patterns and details provide a wide selection without compromising support and safety.
K cups are available at most.
The combination of blue and white sailing is always the winner of the swimsuit, and we like the added red color on this style of strap.
It is wired, but there is no padding, so support is provided without increasing the volume and there is a bra
Buckle and adjustable strap.
Buying now is always a reliable choice.
High-quality underwear brands such as Gossard and Fantasie and Figleaves have a swimsuit series (
K cups available at most)is both well-
Compared with many people, the price is affordable.
It has an H Cup on its bikini and is great for discreet wired and padded cups while avoiding the pitfalls of bikini looking like a bra.
Matched bikini is generally not worn
Pursue a bigger depression: even if you can find a depression that won\'t let you drum up at the top, they are too soft to be relied on to stay up late.
This, with its solid bottom line and clever twisted shape (
This helps keep everything in place)
It\'s a gamble.
It is also equipped with a detachable halterneck strap.
Like many other brands targeting the greater depression, Miss Mandalay was founded in 2005 by a woman who worked hard to find a suitable swimsuit for herself
She\'s still testing every prototype in person, so you know, health has been taken care.
This series is one of the largest series we have ever seen, and the style will not look inappropriate on the street.
Cup size from C to HH.
If you want a classic, supportive bikini, the navy number won\'t be able to hit.
Styling and support easily match the bra with a buckle on the back and flattering strap details and cut
Keep it fresh and fun.
It\'s a bit small, so it might be worth mentioning the size of the Cup.
GG is available at most.
It\'s available on the street and online right now, and we love Boux Avenue because it has a ton of bikinis for women with a Great Depression.
Catering from
The size of the G cup, with a lot of triangles, shoulder straps and a regular bikini to choose from, also guarantees the safety and place of everything.
This aquamarine and white bikini top (
Made of waffle fabric)is an eye-Design.
It\'s wired so provides the extra support you need and has a buckle to keep everything working.
We tried it in the pool.
On a few water slides)
And it\'s comfortable to get in and out of the water without worrying about anything moving up or down.
It is also easy to swim and there is no gap at the top of the Cup.
If we were forced to choose only one bikini, it would have been worn by Freya.
Trendy sports style, but for the biggest choices and designs that don\'t look inappropriate on the street, Pour Moi and Miss Mandalay are our favorite brands.
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