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8 best statement bikinis to make you feel as good as you look

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-17
When it comes to clothes, there are very few items that can make people feel scared like a humble bikini.
Two simple-usually small pieces of fabric, a huge step for women around the world.
Of course, it shouldn\'t be, but in a society where women see their body as their own social currency and let the world see it all, it can trigger all sorts of anxiety.
We double-checked everything and asked ourselves ridiculous questions like, \"what if the strap was squeezed too much?
, And: \"How do I position my bottom in a way that looks good on Instagram? ”.
The truth is, the bikini may disguise itself as Satan in costume, but if you find a bikini that suits you and complements your figure, wearing it will have confidence in you
It may even make you feel empowered: \"I am a woman and see my body in a bikini \".
It will help if the pattern is fun, the cut is flattering and the color is bright.
As a result, the bikini statement was born, and brands such as agent Provocateur, Hunza G and Triangl are leading the trend
Driving a swimsuit, without affecting the style or fit, is like any other good outfit that heralds attention.
Here\'s the best statement bikini we \'ve picked right now.
The famous lingerie brand has been producing this bikini for many years.
We know, because it took us many years to find one, and it turns out that there is a good reason.
The fabric is thick and elastic, providing good support on the top and bottom.
In other words, no matter how many times you dive by the pool, it will keep you firmly in place.
There is no padding in the Cup, so you don\'t have to worry about strange blocks of matter that will appear after cleaning.
The surround band is strategically placed on any graphic and enhancement curve that is flat.
It has other colors, but the black and white combination is by far the most stylish and easy to wear.
After swimming, the fabric is slightly relaxed, but still fits like a glove after the bikini.
Buy bikini tops buy bikini swim trunks now this bikini is actually made of scuba material, if you spend years browsing itsy made of materials that are more fragile than your grandmother\'s paper towels!
This is different.
Bandeau offers good coverage, comfortable bottom, and should not ride when you get up from sunbeds.
The dark cheetah print provides an innovative twist for the stylish suit to animal print, the leopard\'s perennial preference.
The bottom is at a high
The legs, too, add a retro vibe to the ensemble.
Buy nowSolid & stripe
In order to engrave the colorful and printed swimsuit, this swimsuit is no different.
The briefing was cut in Brazilian style and provided sufficient coverage without turning to the thong area.
At the same time, for women who want full breasts, tops are idealcoverage cup.
If you are worried about the strap marks, you can simply pull them down and the bandeau section will not fall down when you do so due to the quality of the fit. Hurrah.
As the original Instagram bikini, Triangl became famous for about 2014 for the first time with its iconic pop art structure and impressive social media marketing strategy.
At some point it seems like everyone and their bae are wearing the super stretch nylon stretch bikini of Triangl.
The Australian company knows exactly what it is doing because after five years people are still talking about the quality of the swimsuits.
The influencers still wear them.
For women who like to swim on holidays, this one is perfect for swimming.
You can\'t do the same thing on a shoulder-less top or a triangle top because it might fall off.
Therefore, the sports bra of Triangl
The shape of the top is the breath of fresh air.
The bottom fits well, although they may be a little stiff due to the thickness of the fabric, which means you may have to recombine occasionally.
In addition, it is equipped with a matching cheetah printed backpack that is perfect for the holiday season.
Buying these crumpled bikinis now may look small, but the elasticity of the fabric makes them flattering in any size.
This is one of 1990-
Best inspiration brand-
Sell a bikini designed in collaboration with journalists and influencers Pandora Sykes and feature a lovely white little decor that adds a unique texture to the overall look with a fun, girlish look.
It certainly looks good, but given the shoulder-less design on the top, it\'s not the most practical bikini for avid swimmers as it slips off occasionally.
Buying this Scandinavian cult brand now may be known for its delicate floral dress, but its swimwear is also very good.
This leopard print bikini offers a refreshing variety of shapes on top.
This is a bandeau with straps that can keep it in place and is also a fun Center --
Tie can add a little shape.
Full at the bottom
Coverage, made of comfortable and soft polyester fabric, does not move.
It also features a lively leopard pattern that exudes the charm of the pool.
Buy this boutique bikini brand now and with its unique print and eyes, make a quick tour on Instagram
Capture edge details.
This special top is best paired with the bottom of the dotted line \"skimpy\" of the label.
Don\'t worry-they\'re not as cunning as the name suggests-in fact, they\'re very comfortable and sit in the worst place at the bottom of you without riding.
The bikini of Ayla Swim is all made of Italian fabric and completely seamless.
But the real winner of this label is that its fabric contains SPF 50-yes, really.
It\'s a special security.
Conscious bikini
This Scandinavian high street brand, which produces sacred underwear and swimwear, has always been a designer-worthy quality.
This style is particularly popular thanks to the plunge at the top and at the top
Waist underwear is very popular due to retro revival
Inspired swimwear.
The color of mustard is good for any skin color as it is neutral.
If you are worried that your belly will disappear in the sun, the good news is that you can easily scroll down the top of your underwear for maximum exposure.
Or stick to it. this is your choice.
This bikini is nothing if not universal.
Buy a bikini top now. While every bikini listed here has a lot to say, the winner must be the maestro bikini of Agent Provocateur.
These surround straps are active with confidence due to their immediate elongated effect.
The extra straps also add a sense of security, which has never gone wrong in the swimwear space.
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