7 Women's Watches That Are perfect for Stylish Athletes

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-11
There's a misconception in our society that female athletes don't care about style may don't care about what ever they look like, what they wear, and how they represent themselves to other folks. Newsflash, gentlemen, even athletic women want to look nice. An integral part of any stylish woman's outfit is a quality watch one that both operates as a timepiece and that adds a highlight to any outfit, may it be a tennis skirt or maybe a rower's uni-suit. There many types of watches on this market right now that are ideal for stylish athletes. Swiss Legend's Women's South Beach Rubber Strap Watch is both beautiful and practical. The fun, Tiffany box blue rubber band adds a pop of color to any outfit, while the fact that its rubber (as opposed to leather or metal) means that it's a no muss, no fuss piece. This watch is great for young athletes who prefer the bright color and aren't afraid to stand outside in a crowd. The strap also comes in pink, black and white. Waltham Women's Quartz Color Me Set of Five Leather Watches is and a great buy. This set is relatively cheap, and provides a variety of colors to offset even probably the most boring of outfits. The slim leather band adds up to a watch that could be worn on its own, or with bracelets, and because it's not at all hefty, it's ideal to get day of practice over a courts or hitting a fitness center. The band, which is faux alligator leather style, comes in purple, blue, yellow, pink and black, and is interchangeable, so you can switch it up topic to your mood! Stuhrling Original Women's Clipper Sport Swiss Quartz Movement Rubber Strap Watch is perfectly for the athletes who wish to look stylish but aren't afraid to get great. This timepiece doesn't offer the thinnest of straps, but it can be stylish in an off-kilter lime green/yellow shade, as well as pink, white and darker. The thick leather strap makes it durable, so you can sport it while you're rowing down the Connecticut or taking to the courts at basketball practice. This rock band stretches, allowing for movement, so you can stay stylish while you're kicking butt. Invicta Women's Lupah Quartz Day and Date Corian Bracelet Watch is additionally a great buy. With bright, fun colors like orange, red and yellow, this sporty bracelet watch can easily require from the soccer field to your dinner date. Made from Corian, a thermosetting plastic, this watch is at once sturdy and fabulous. There's no going wrong with a timepiece that is both beautiful capable to go from a health club to yoga a few night out. Ed Hardy's Midsize VIP Bracelet Watch comes in four astoundingly bright colors, including lime green, bright turquoise, fuchsia and pink. It's a fun accent piece for any outfit, whether you're putting it on with sweats, a sports bra too white tee towards the gym, or at the dance club with the girls. The band is plastic, so might possibly withstand sweat, heat and pretty much anything else. Don't feel afraid place this watch towards test, because chances are, it'll pass on. Sometimes a girl just wants something simple. Waltham Women's Opulent Crystal Accent Bezel Bracelet Watch is just which is. Though the title dictates opulence, in reality, this watch is a simply chic accessory may easily be avoided easily go around the gym to the beach and to come back. The bright turquoise color ideal for summer, and will compliment your tan incredibly well. What's more, this piece is heavy duty enough to withstand multiple summer months. Invicta Women's Lupah Revolution Swiss Chronograph Leather Strap Watch is another timepiece that's comfortable, stylish, and easy to put. With the option of a lime green leather alligator band or even orange one, this watch keeps you well armed whether you're on the courts or in business meeting. The strap features heavy duty leather, so you don't' have to concern yourself with this watch going anywhere. It's definitely chic, but still doable for the athletic woman, who's on the run (literally!) at all times. There we understand it! As proven above, there are extensive timepiece options for your stylish female basketball player. Female athletes no longer have to select from practicality, function and pure style. You're fashionable, feminine and sporty all now. If you're looking for an additional watch, you can count on a few of the above options attempt you from practice to dinner and back again, without even breaking a sweat. And hey, if you do, these watches can go ahead and take heat.
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