7 pieces of brain-rotting crap made by artistic geniuses

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-10
Even the greatest artists of all time occasionally create works that they are not proud of, because no one has ever made 1000 in history.
The only difference is that unlike your cousin who was drunk in Ruby Tuesday and attacked your friend, the artist\'s embarrassing shame lives forever in cheap warehouses and flea markets around the world.
And, you know, on the Internet. . .
The Rolling Stones recorded a song about rice crispis, whether you believe it or not, and there was a time when the Rolling Stones were not a mess of musical skeletons.
Back when they were young, they made clicks like \"pity the Devil\", \"Satisfaction \", \"and\" Give me shelter \"consolidate their legacy as one of the most popular and enduring rock bands of all time, despite the brief period of the 1980 s, mick Jagger really wants to be David Bowie.
In 1963, just after they were signed to the record company for the first time.
No, the British slang for Thai heroin pellets, \"milystal\", is not vague ---
They wrote a song about breakfast cereal.
This is back to the time when the only single on the stone with any airplay was a song written by the Beatles and the cover of Buddy Holly\'s \"not going to disappear, \"so it might be safe to assume that they don\'t have much say in the artistic direction of the band.
Nevertheless, it is still difficult to adjust and how a Rice Krispies jingle is included in the Rolling Stone catalogue, which is usually inspired by the lyrics from sex, drugs, very few breakfasts do not include a whole bottle of vodka.
Fortunately, the ad has not been broadcast since it was originally broadcast in the United States. K. -
It was only running 40 years ago, which is probably why no one asked them in the interview.
Or was he afraid of being stabbed by Keith Richards? 6 Hunter S. Thompson Co-
Created famous writers, journalists, drugs
Lovers and allaround counter-
Cultural icons of the 20 th century.
If you can\'t do that, you might remember that Johnny Depp was not playing the pirate or Tim Burton role.
Thompson helped create a more sophisticated style of reporting, and we already know it\'s \"gonzo news,\" a phrase here, meaning \"forgive you for crazy irresponsible behavior by writing this for a magazine. \"In the mid-
In his 90 s, Thompson was involved in the production of a TV show that had nothing to do with drug culture, the degradation of the American dream, or anything else interesting.
Starring Don Johnson and Cech Marin, police detectives patrol the streets of San Francisco in suits and an old-fashioned car.
This is basically for those who find it a bit too exciting.
Thompson and Johnson, because the universe occasionally throws together a series of unlikely events to make themselves laugh.
You see, the two of them happened to be Aspen\'s neighbors, Johnson happened to have reached a TV deal with CBS, and Thompson just happened to need a bunch of unscrupulous money (
The final qualifier is not so much a throw of cosmic dice as a permanent state of Thompson\'s existence).
So the two decided to work together on a police show that would eventually become a microcosm of mediocrity.
However, Johnson admitted that the original treatment of his writing partner had to be substantially rewritten because it was \"too Hunter,\" and we thought it was another way of saying, \"CBS will never let us shoot 17 prostitutes on a rocket ship made of skinskin.
Still, Thompson wrote several episodes of stories and ended up making a cameo in one of them.
David Lynch made a bunch of stupid ads, behind-the-scenes black hands, and worked as a director pioneer
Movie lovers and people who pretend to like David Lynch movies also value avant-garde, surreal masterpieces to impress their friends and colleagues.
He did it too, but it was mainly against his will.
Lynch\'s promise to make weird, uncompromising films comes at a price ---
They were never very profitable people.
When Harrison Ford killed the Nazis in a theater, it was hard to convince people to buy a ticket for a dark psychological film without a clear narrative.
So Lynch occasionally makes some changes to keep making movies.
Do you remember the pretentious black and white perfume ads? In the advertisement, a group of beautiful people stood around and sprayed fake perfume
Poetic nonsense?
Yes, that\'s what Lynch did: in 1988, Lynch made a series of advertisements for Calvin Klein\'s Obsession, and the theme of each advertisement revolves around something like Ernest Hemingway.
Scott D. H.
Lawrence, at least initially, it could be Lynch\'s attraction to the project.
However, when he started directing increasingly stupid perfume ads for Armani, Carl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent (
Lynch\'s contribution to the latter is clearly a woman masturbating with a perfume called opium)
It\'s hard not to assume that he might just be with everyone.
Lynch is also Adidas, Alcatel-
Seltzer and PlayStation 2, but his weirdest credit so far is a 1997 AD, a family pregnancy test.
Because if there is one person who can relieve the pressure of pregnancy, it is the person who makes the pregnancy.
The Pulitzer Prize-
The award-winning artist\'s \"The children of the trash can\" is a well-received graphic novel about the Holocaust, in which Spiegelman tells the story of his father\'s experience in the war.
By re-casting all Jews as mice and re-casting all Nazis as cats, this may not be far from the actual behavior of humanoid cats, thus tearing Europe apart.
The harsh minimalist style depicting the darkest times in modern history is tied with undeniable cute animals, which proved to be one of the most powerful stories ever, and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1992.
When he was a consultant for Topps in the 1980 s, spiegeman called the \"trash can Child\". if there is such a thing, an art effort that is less dignified may give him the opposite result: the trash can Child was created as an imitation of the pop doll, and the recipe for making the card is very simple: take a Cabbage Patch Kid that looks a lot like it, and pile up disgusting and scary on it before the artist questions every decision he or she makes.
This can be done in a number of ways, from letting the children peel off their skin, to raping the emotional banana, because often
Ignoring the fact that children are inherently bad, the cards are successful, although it is not surprising to see their controversy.
They also inspired the creation of the film, just as the toilet was a very small bathtub, a drama film.
Understandably, Spiegelman chose to exclude this from his resume.
The author of \"ban bi\" wrote \"abnormal pornography\", which made us all understand that our parents may suddenly die of violent death for no reason.
It\'s also about a deer or something.
The design of the brutal comic is designed to reap the tears of the children, and it is adapted from 1923 novels by Austrian writer Felix Salton, who, while prolific, has never succeeded in copying.
In fact, this is not entirely correct.
You see, before figuring out how to secretly destroy thousands of childhood, Salten first tried a more direct approach, a porn story about a Viennese prostitute, with his 1906 novels, she started her life in sex trading at the age of 5.
Due to the contents of the previous sentence, Salten wrote the novel anonymously. The book was (and still is)
Probably because it includes: emphasis on us.
Despite its age, it\'s straight-
If they were to exist in 1906, the cheap porn content would include the pizza deliveryman entirely.
Perhaps because readers at the turn of the century were badly short of Internet access, the book has become a huge shock and has sold more than 3 million copies so far.
Salten later tried to combine his two greatest achievements in 1939, in which Bambi had sex with his cousin and produced a nest of quirks
This is not a joke.
William Faulkner wrote a bad Joan Collins film and wrote some of the most challenging works in American literature, including and.
In 1949, he won the Nobel Prize for literature, followed by two more Pulitzer Prizes, and the last one was awarded to him ---
Faulkner probably realized that he had written everything out and thought he had no reason to hang out.
As you think, for a person like him, he dabbled in many forms of writing, including short stories, plays, essays and scripts. Including the script that eventually became one of the worst movies ever. -
The 1955-Man film tells the story of the construction of the Great Pyramid, starring Joan Collins, an inexplicable Caucasian Egyptian princess.
Howard Hawks, director of the film, recruited him for the project, and he only accepted the show because he had burned the Nobel Prize.
It was shocking that, despite such a strong motive, he began to write the script, and when he really started to write the script, Pharaoh asked his construction worker: \"How, guys?
\"Those of you who know more about history may have guessed that Pharaoh of Egypt may not have spoken like this.
Aside from that bad article, his horror is not all wrong.
When the studio finished his script, in the finished film, he was considered to be just one of the three screenwriters and had to separate the line of the wrong comedy from the other two guys.
We don\'t think he mind much.
Sir Sidney Potier\'s \"Ghost Dad 1963\" became the first black winner of the Oscar for best actor for his role in the film, and he was appointed Knight Commander of the British Imperial Knights in 1974, obama won the Presidential Medal of Freedom again in 2009.
Today, he is honored as a talented actor and director, and it\'s easy to be the most famous person your mother mistakenly thinks has been dead for at least 10 years.
Although Potier is known for his more serious acting role, his director\'s work includes many comedies, so it makes sense that he hosted the Bill Cosby laugh Festival in 1990.
What really doesn\'t make sense is that the film turns out to be an extremely boring \"family\" film about a clumsy father after being driven out of the bridge by Satans, return to the sad family from the eternal cold forgetting.
Just a minute later, when a police officer urinated on Cosby\'s Invisible Ghost, the tone of the rest of the film was set: the equally eccentric hijinks included Cosby trying to get life insurance, so that his newly orphaned child will not be completely doomed to failure because of the death of their only parent, trying to have sex with his neighbor, and use his ghost power to try to kill his daughter\'s boyfriend over the phone.
Remember, this anti-mental grocery store
Humor directed by the Academy Awardwinning Knight.
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