5 strange problems you face when you\'re a liberal ex-muslim

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-21
There are 1.
8 billion Muslims worldwide, 4.
3 million in the United States and Canada.
Many people have completely different preferences for chili sauce (
We can best define us as a single quality of the individual).
However, many people still believe that Muslims are a large unified entity.
We talked to the Pakistani, Eiynah.
Canadian blogger who writes about sex and politics from a liberal ex-boyfriend
From the Muslim point of view, there is a more keen understanding of the diversity of Islam. . .
Free Muslims often alienate both sides. One of the main problems of Eiynah and Islam is homophobia.
Not every Muslim has homophobia, but it is still the case.
Some people were even sentenced to death.
So when Eiynah wrote
The Book of homophobic children with a Pakistani background, she was immediately opposed by what appeared to be strong.
\"I was happy when it was picked up and used as a resource by some schools in the Toronto area (an anti-
Bullying Initiative).
The book was read in the classroom and at the gathering, and the initial response was very supportive. Then, as (Muslim)
Parents found that not only did their children read gay, bisexual and transgender people
The book was positive, but the anger began when it was read in Pakistan.
Many people claim that this is an attack on their religion and a distortion of religion.
Some people say I am attacking the moral character of the \"Muslim family.
\"It\'s not just a mix of extreme Muslims and fleeing --of-the-
The internet giant Mill (
Of course, there are a lot of such).
Many ordinary Canadian Muslims are also angry.
\"In Toronto, angry parents called radio calls, and from time to time there were mandatory calls from someone who defended the book.
Some parents have threatened to sue the school\'s board of directors and, predictably, gay, bisexual and transgender people
Those who supported the free school board gave up the book.
It has never been used as an official.
Eiynah continued: \"Islamic society in North America (ISNA)
Claims that the school board is the one who bullied parents to teach their children the diversity of gay, bisexual and transgender people.
I was labeled \"Islam\" and that\'s it.
Many children/teachers enjoy and discover that useful resources are no longer available.
\"While it is considered crazy to be an attack on religion, it is understandable that the Muslim community is too sensitive to the attack. . .
I wrote a few years ago, \"any criticism of Islam is hijacked by hate groups. \"after ]
He politely explained that not all criticism of Islam is just \"racism\" and there are some valuable conversations.
I don\'t know my letter.
\"Jihad Watch is a growl rag that hates Islam, and its owners are called leaders of hate organizations by the and.
Whenever Eiynah thinks that the Muslim community may make more progress, she has to worry that her words will be taken out of context and used as-
Muslim ammunition
Affleck\'s letter is not even the first time this has happened.
\"Do you remember that during the election, Sheppard Fairley made a poster for the United States? S.
A woman wearing a headscarf?
\"I wrote a ten.
With its minute audio message.
I basically say this: \"Dear one on the left: I know you\'re fine --
We need to show solidarity, but that\'s why there is a problem supporting this particular symbol.
I even mentioned [my message]
It\'s for the Trump people.
This is notimmigrant.
But it\'s still in \"alt-
Because they want any excuse to attack Islam.
Needless to say, Eiynah found it really frustrating: \"I was a former
Muslim, I am a liberal who does not hate Muslims, and many of the people I love are Muslims.
But it\'s hard to talk internally about the changes I want to see in the community without fuelling hatred.
\"The biggest voice is usually the most hateful ---
Crazy assholes who want any excuse to drive Muslims out of the West, hate homosexuality, or oppress women.
They drown out the voice of Muslims, they just want to worship their God, be calm to everyone regardless of gender preference (
Which one in North America).
Regarding the external concept of Islam \"what should it look like\" is unhelpful, DamagingEiynah notes that if you search Google for the word \"American Muslim Olympians, \"You will get the results of one page after another on Ibtihaj Muhammad, a Muslim fencer with a headscarf in Rio for the American race.
It is unlikely that you will see any mention of Dalilah Muhammad, a Muslim woman, wearing shorts and sports bras, who won the gold medal in the 400 m hurdles.
Both of these women are incredible athletes and may crush us in terms of metaphor and body, but strangely, there is only one considered \"American Muslim Olympian \".
\"Especially for many Muslim women, the headscarf makes them recall painful memories.
\"I \'ve seen the ethics police beat my mother on crutches as her headscarf slipped.
Like, will we be as comfortable as celebrating the pure ball in the South?
\"Many Muslim women are proud to wear headscarves because they represent their beliefs and many proud Muslim women hate headscarves to represent their oppression.
For an outsider, this is much more complicated than simply choosing the \"right side.
\"It\'s a Muslim problem, but it\'s not.
Muslims are still arguing loudly about which side is \"more Muslim\" than the other \".
Hate groups make themselves very attractive to critics of Islam, who grew up in a strict, traditional, religious family.
Before and after your 15 th birthday, you\'ll get into punk rock and skateboarding and decide \"like, dad, screw this jive scene --
I\'m leaving!
\"Because that\'s how teenagers talk.
If the family you fight against is Muslim, thencalled \"alt-
\"Yes\" is the toughest rebellion you can control.
\"More and more Muslim reformers/ex-factory prices
Muslims either get on the Trump train, defend the Muslim ban, or join \"alt-
\"Yes,\" said Eiynah.
\"On the left, secular liberal Muslims continue to be censored or culturally deleted.
This will tilt to the high visibility mass on the right
Criticism of Islam. Well-known ex-
Raheem Kassam, editor of Muslim Breitbart, said that if Merkel took millions of immigrants, Hillary would take 20 million.
And then we got to the more disturbing red. pilled\' ex-
Muslims believe in peace.
Like the ironic \"peace Imam\", he claims to represent Muslims but has fueled white supremacists and conspiracy theories.
There are many Muslims in the world, so it is natural for them to disagree on some major issues.
You will definitely find Muslims who support all the marginal beliefs in the world, including those who insist that Tabasco is the best chili sauce.
But you can\'t blame this on the whole religion because they are simple.
Islam is often reduced to a political topic where no party is vying for the fate of Islam.
You might think Eiynah agrees with people like Reza Aslan, who is the star of Muslim theology and several viral videos where he removes the ignorant
Then you\'re wrong.
\"Not only do I have differences [with him]She told us.
\"I think he is rather fraudulent in the way he sells himself, not reliable sources of information.
As an example of why many of his arguments are \"wrong, or technically --correct-but-actually-wrong.
The writer, Eiynah, agrees with Ali Rizvi, who says Islamic defense is overzealous.
Quote him: \"It is more important now than ever to challenge and criticize the teachings of Islam.
It is more important now than ever to protect and defend the rights of Muslims.
\"This is part of the reason why Eiynah does not like the word\" Islamophobia \":\" Any criticism of Islamic fundamentalism, homophobia, etc is allowed.
It is correct to be labeled \"Islamist\"
Wing fundamentalist Muslims have the opportunity to protect their religion from effective criticism.
It\'s basically the same.
Christianity [do].
Think about the absurdity of the \"Christian war\" and let\'s feel how \"Islamophobia\" sounds.
That\'s why I prefer the more precise term \"-Muslim bigotry.
The problem is not the theological criticism of Islam, nor the criticism of literary interpretation. -
This is a generalization, hatred and fear around Muslims.
\"Islam is not a whole ---
\"Neither its followers nor its critics,\" says Eiynah . \".
\"Just as Islam can be interpreted and practiced in millions of different ways, criticism of it can also come from different angles and politics.
It\'s important to know general Trump --era anti-
The climate of Muslims, but it is also important not to erase the secular, free and/or progressive Muslims that exist.
So the solution is \"Remember, the world is a very complex place, don\'t talk about it in general, be careful to advocate change \"?
It would be in line with a rough and scrawled protest sign.
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