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5 elements to explain basketball defense coup

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-21
On the basketball court, the purpose of the offense is to score a shot, while the purpose of the defense is the opposite, that is, to prevent the opponent from scoring. Remember that the purpose of defense is to stop the opponent from scoring, not just simple statistics of blocks and steals, which are just one form of defense. Here, the five tiger basketball specialists will explain the five elements of defense: movement, body, judgment, consciousness, and will. The five elements are indispensable and have equal status. (T-shirts are made to order) The offense on the mobile basketball court is a sport. The offensive players rely on their own personal skills or team tactics to carry out sports combat. Therefore, as the passive defender, they are restrained by the movement of the offensive players and must also move to defend. , Take man-marking defense as an example (because I rarely use zone defense, so all the examples in this article use man-marking defense as an example), when you defend the ball handler, you must follow the defender closely, so that he does not have Opportunities to break through and shoot, and the ball handler will also clash and sway left and right in order to get rid of your defense. At this point, if the defender does not master certain movement skills, it may be easy to get rid of, and when faced with a When there are no players, the irregular running of the players without the team requires the movement of the defenders. To practice their own movement skills, only hard training can improve them. The body is very obvious about the role of the body in defense. If you are stronger than the opponent you can easily put the opponent in a pressured position. If you are faster than the opponent, then you can take advantage of the movement. Take advantage of your advantages. When you bounce better than your opponent, your air superiority will be reflected. You can usually practice more strength, speed, and bounce. Judgment About judgment, this is a very abstract thing. This may be when there is only zero seconds for you to make judgments. For example, when the opponent puts out a three-threat action, is he shooting, passing, or breaking through? It is necessary to make a judgment in an instant and choose the most appropriate defense method. When the opponent shoots, how to interfere and how to block, these are all instant reactions. Another important aspect of judging is the judgment of fake moves. Fakes are a special way for offensive players to deal with defenses. Sometimes if the opponent makes a fake move, you must not take off easily. Instead of looking at the opponent's ball, feet, or face, the defense of the dribble player should focus on the offensive player's waist, where he is least likely to fake it, entangle him, and deny him the opportunity to break through and shoot. Judgment, like consciousness, is very dependent on experience, which requires players to use their brains to think and summarize rules in peacetime. This requires a certain amount of game experience to accumulate. Consciousness In my opinion, defensive awareness includes the choice of defensive methods, and the transition of consciousness at the moment of switching from offense to defense. After the attack is completed or the offense is terminated by the opponent, it is necessary to quickly return to the defensive state. Don’t be too late to enter the defensive state at this time, it is convenient to take the opportunity to sneak attack. Of course, this is all personal defensive awareness. Another point is the overall defensive awareness. The overall defense is for a team. If the opponent uses What about the pick-and-roll? You should switch the defense immediately or keep the original man-marking and quickly keep up with your own person. If the defender of the teammate breaks through the defense of the teammate, it is also necessary to make a supplementary defense. The will to defend must not give up, persevere to the end, and never let it go. If you have been defending well at the beginning, but you let it go because of your willingness in the last few seconds, and the opponent scores, it is very fatal, because It is the same as no defense, the previous efforts are in vain, so no matter how tired you are in the end, you have to be highly focused, and only by persevering to the last second can you win. In fact, this is the same as the principle of being a human being, and there must be a spirit of perseverance.
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