5 Celeb Ways to Get Away With Wearing Leggings Every Day

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-18
Wear leggings every day.
At least that\'s what Hollywood philosophy is now.
There is no progress in this trend, but according to sportswear designer Lorna Jane, it\'s not just wearing your best pair of spandex.
Take a look at Gigi Hadid, who loves the oversized look of layering, while Nicole schersingh likes cut and leather.
After all, leggings are more comfortable than jeans (
Or other pants, really)
So why not wear them every day? Lorna specializes in how this year\'s Sports trends will be so hot and how to wear their celebrity inspirations accordingly, keep rolling!
Rule 1: The cut is the key to lifting the elastic pants, choose a pair of black pants with interesting details.
\"You don\'t see big and bold patterns on the street.
Small openings and cut-out details are what people are going to wear, \"Lorna shared.
One night outside, show the way to singles in your faux fur jacket and bulky boots.
Alo Moto Legging, $110;
Black faux fur collar biker jacket for River Island, $130;
Waterproof rain boots Rebecca Minkoff Quincy, $150; Ray-
Acetate sunglasses, $150;
Uniqulo Ribbed Turtleneck, $20 Rule 2: leggings for exchanging jeans are not just for the gym.
\"I think the world is changing and we are more casual,\" the designer noted . \".
In fact, you can easily exchange your comfortable leggings anywhere you wear jeans.
If you\'re like Kelly Roland, it would be better to put on your black staple --than-sweatshirt-
Sweater and a pair of fashionable shoes (
Not sneakers).
You\'re here for the weekend brunch and beyond!
Falke ergonomic motion system
$125 jersey leggings;
MadewellJameson hooded lace upPp Waffle-
Knitted wool sweater, $130;
Espadrilles, Carrin platform, $90;
55mm aviator sunglasses, $60 private eyes at Australian Pier;
Misleading silver faux leather backpack, $45 Rule 3: You don\'t necessarily think of jackets when you think of sportswear, but you should start.
\"Like after 80 s, the jacket is getting bigger and bigger now
Super big everything.
We even encourage people to buy larger sizes . \"
If you run around town, the layered look of Gigi Hadid will make your costume a city
Guaranteed girl edge
\"The sleeves should be big and have extra fabric so you can roll up your sleeves,\" she said in detail.
Reebok cardio woven jacket, $65;
I\'m a shiny panel stretch
Leggings, $58;
Black sunglasses for Quay x Shay Mitchell Vivienne, $60;
Topman black Ottoman textured long-line pilot jacket, $30;
Cutting and stretching technology of nomakaliJersey, $38;
Handbags for H & M, $50;
Kenneth Cole\'s reaction
Era sneakers, $60 Rule 4: High
Waisted\' t go anywhere, all the best news \"high
\"The waist stays here,\" confirmed Lorna.
In this way, you can still wear a cropped top (
Also very in)
Not revealing too many secrets.
\"It\'s just a small part of the skin,\" she said . \"
So basically, Madison Beer and white beer
The T combo is the perfect outfit
Examples anywhere.
$58 ASOS mini leather lanyard backpack;
Imitation old oversized denim jacket from Aymeline Light Wash, $79;
James Perse daily rib stretch-
A cotton box of $50;
Legs with heavy weight for Topshop Sports, $32;
Superga 2795 leather Hi Top sneakers, $109 Rule 5: traditional logo is out of date and old sport
The school logo is out of date but they are back!
\"There are quite a few declared brands.
\"It\'s all about traditional signs,\" experts said . \".
Relive your favorite sportswear brands and wear their logo loudly and proudly like Bella Hadid.
Like they said: Everything old is new.
Classic metal stretch Nike Pro
Sports bra Jersey, $60;
Zara socks and sneakers, $90; SM.
52mm sunglasses, $58;
H & M hoodie cardigan, $40;
The $36 Lorna Jane sweat water bottle;
Lorna Jane\'s ultimate ankle is tight for $110.
99 ready, gather, shop!
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