4 women hilariously investigate push-up bras

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-06
From fur-covered to gem-
The bra has a wide variety of textures, shapes and sizes.
In a new video, BuzzFeed Yellow got four women to try out three different types of push and react
All bras are reinforced to varying degrees.
These women were confused by bras, amused and frightened.
\"It\'s like NASA\'s technology, and we\'re using it now to support people\'s breasts,\" one lady said of gel push --up.
While the gel and water bras are fun and interesting, what is particularly confusing is some sort of \"bomb bra \".
\"Where\'s your chest?
\"A woman asked before she actually tried it on.
Another woman joked: \"I feel like I\'m now tied to a body armor because of how thick these things are . \".
A different participant asked the question of hooking up when wearing this bra, saying she would be \"very nervous, very self-contained\"
I realized my chest would be disappointing.
But at the end of the video, we were reminded, \"they\'ll be excited if someone sees your chest . \".
So just take off your bra and live your best life.
They won\'t be like \'Wow, it\'s a big fill!
\"There\'s nothing more sexy than nudity,\" one woman pointed out . \".
You don\'t need to push either. This bra.
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