21 christmas gifts for fitness beginners, fanatics and everyone in between

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-10
Today, the world of fitness is inevitable.
For God\'s sake, there\'s even a calendar of my protein advent.
December was a month when the gym was planning to go off track, and when those who had previously changed Virgin\'s vibrant siren finally decided to return to health, the New Year came.
There is nothing better to encourage than getting a large sum of money on Christmas Day.
Even if you are already an active workout person, everyone likes to get something they don\'t usually buy to improve their workout experience.
We all want to show off a hot new kit, headset or tracking watch on the treadmill-it\'s just human nature.
So there\'s no further action: we\'re talking about little tit-
Your favorite fitness bunny can sneak into their backpack and take it with you on their fitness journey.
Of course, most of them are food.
But trust me, you will basically keep thinking about food once you start working out.
There\'s nothing more to stop you from falling off the wagon than a bunch of really delicious, healthy snacks.
Wireless headsets are the most revolutionary devices.
When you are running on a treadmill, the days of being bound by ropes have passed.
When you squat down, you no longer need to squander your mobile phone to listen to music.
These bad boys have a range of plug sizes that fit all the earbuds and are actually on the back of the neck, which is cool.
Perfect for everyone jogging in the winter morning
Car very useful.
Now, I\'m skeptical about supplements and vitamin injections, but any attempt to get more vitamin B12 is encouraging.
After all, lack of vitamin B12 can lead to temporary infertility, nervous system damage, anemia, and various other problems.
It is especially important for vegetarians to maintain their level as you will find it in dairy products, fish and meat.
These small patches look a bit like plasters;
You only stick to one in a day, that\'s it-it seeps through the skin and keeps you full.
Each patch lasts up to 24 hours without leaving any sticky marks. Easy peasy.
You see, all fitness stars and crazy gyms eat dark chocolate. It’s a thing.
You won\'t be much darker than 100% cocoa, it\'s just a bar full of cocoa energy.
It is suitable for vegetarians because there is almost nothing inside except the cocoa block.
The sugar content is very low (0. 2g per bar)
Rich in antioxidants, antioxidants, multi-dimensional substances and yellow alcohol (
All great things that have proved to promote the health of the heart and brain).
The chocolate hotel offers a similar low price
The choice of sugar is also not too dark in case the idea of eating a large chunk of cocoa is not attractive.
No one should take a bag of snacks to the gym when ready.
You never know when your blood sugar will collapse (
Trust me, I \'ve been there and no one wants to be the one who crashes on the locker room floor).
These raw bars have coconut cashews, cocoa oranges, raspberry ripples, and cocoa brownies, all dairy products. free, gluten-
Free, old, high fiber content, no added sugar.
I know socks look like a boring gift, but if you have anyone who is planning a marathon next year, buy them a pair of these bad boys. Good, moisture-
Sweaty, fitted running socks are worth it in 21 miles of gold.
In fact, these look good and rare.
The bottles in the gym are always leaking.
For some reason, the industry has been bashing these horrible protein shakers with fragile hats, and you end up with wet kits and warm water.
On the other hand, keep the low temperature of liquid ice and never leak.
It also makes the liquid hot if you need a pre-
Have coffee on the road.
Oh, these bottles are the most attractive in the market. Fact.
These gifts are bigger and a little more expensive.
We\'re talking about the gym package. Kit. Tech.
Will make your earnings game a level of things.
This is a pot bottom trainer that can help you shrink and relax these
Important muscles below.
Why ask your mom on this list what it feels like when she jumps stars, that\'s your answer.
It\'s worth investing now.
Blok is a fitness center in Clapton.
We\'re talking about bare brick walls.
Concrete ceiling.
Cast iron column.
This is the dream of every fitspo hipster.
They offer more than 160 classes a week.
Book 10 class passes for your fitness freak who can eliminate any frustration in a range of classes including boxing, aerobics, cardio and animal mobility.
Another space is super stylish yogaHIIT-
Cycle studio, who wants to improve strength and flexibility to the same extent.
For those meatheads who have been lifting weights for years but can\'t touch their toes, this is the perfect choice.
Oh, they have a really nice smoothie bar that actually makes the protein shakes you like to drink.
These may seem random, but after a long time
Running long distances, these flip flops are definitely life-saving.
The foam absorbs the impact and holds your sore arch in the cradle so you can move naturally.
Perfect for post-race.
A good gym bag is hard to buy.
Of course, you can get a large number of brackets, but they do nothing but fix the spine with screws, and promote scoliosis by carrying heavy objects from one side.
The backpack is much better-this sweaty-backed Betty backpack is actually appealing.
It comes with loads and a separate set of yoga mat straps with a waterproof compartment inside so you can separate the damp kit from the rest.
Because no one wants to sweat
Amiritesports Sports is actually the official sponsor of Park Run, so if you\'re looking for a kit to buy a keen Saturday morning jogger, Tribe is your guy.
I have a lot of tribal gear and they are super sweaty --absorbant (no )
From yoga to sprint, it is attractive and good for all kinds of activities.
Adidas ultrabook is like running in a pair of close-fitting socks.
They hug your feet like long feet
Lost friends, let you lean a little forward so you can rush down at any time.
They are super light and that\'s what you want.
They are really, really good short distance (
I want to say up to 10 km)trainers.
Not enough recommendation.
Sometimes you can\'t be scheduled to go to the gym.
Sometimes you will be embarrassed to exercise in public.
With the Echo Point, it doesn\'t matter because you can have Alexa set up training for you.
They are free to enable. ‘Alexa, open !
Alexa, start t!
Alexa, open the door!
Alexa, start!
\'Alexa, ask for the exercise of the PCB Elimination club!
By the way, the last one is real.
Basically Alexa knows a lot and she can train you to be a beast without having to sweat in public.
The new balance pack is also great.
They look spacious and very light and comfortable with a waterproof pocket for a laptop.
So your recipients can go to work with their gym kit and laptop, which will never be met.
This is useful if they sweat a lot.
The coach at NB is also very good.
Not to run seriously, but to dress beautifully comfortable and stylish between the two meetings.
Fitness is, after all, a way of life, not just an activity.
The problem with a lot of fitness trackers is that they like fitness trackers.
You don\'t want to wear Fitbit when you\'re out at night, although the steps you build up on the dance floor will make it overspeed.
But this Gamin tracker not only calculates pool laps, distance, heart rate and stress, but also shows your phone and other calls.
It is a beautiful watch in itself.
After the battery is dead (
You just clip it on the USB and charge it from the plug/laptop)
It continues to run like a normal watch.
Forget about the average Michael Kors watch, which has everything and more.
Maybe you know someone who wants to participate in a bodybuilding competition, or your partner wants to be healthy and healthy, but there is no time and skill to prepare meals.
Don\'t be afraid, fresh fitness food will prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks according to your goals-whether it\'s chopped fat, muscle-enhancing or feeling healthier.
They send all your food to your door every morning at dawn so you don\'t have to look for food anymore.
Imagine the time and effort saved, not to mention the desire for junk food.
Who do you weigh for Christmas? be very careful.
Please make sure this is definitely what they want.
If they do, this is a special scale that can calculate your fat percentage, weight, and also know your name. Which is nice.
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