2018ingor Knitting Spring Festival Message: Praise for such underwear manufacturers

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-04
Never give up, always on the way. There is such a production-oriented factory in Guangzhou underwear manufacturers. For 17 years, it has been insisting on the customized processing service of seamless knitted women's underwear, focusing on the OEM processing of mid-to-high-end seamless women's underwear! Turning over the busy 2017 and ushering in a brand new 2018, it is Guangzhou underwear manufacturer ingorsports, which is worthy of your praise.

Taoism pays attention to 'doing something, not doing something!' It really always puts the interests of customers in the first place. In the past 17 years, it has only insisted on doing one thing right, that is, the custom processing of women's underwear, specializing in women's underwear, and putting myself The custom processing of women's underwear that is good at makes customers satisfied, makes users scream, and has formed a reputation in the women's underwear processing industry, and has been rated as a reliable underwear manufacturer by customers.

Underwear processing itself is a very meticulous industry, and many of the quality is in the details of underwear processing. Therefore, many customers who process women's underwear and find underwear manufacturers will usually have inspections or stationed in underwear manufacturers to track production, that is, 'documentary'. Many customers who have cooperated with ingorsports, especially foreign trade order customers, usually make the first two orders. Send a tracking number to the underwear factory to inspect the goods, and basically no longer inspect the goods later, because the quality of the underwear products we process itself is above the customer's requirements. Therefore, the inspection can basically find no problems.

In recent years, many underwear manufacturers in China have called it difficult to do business, and they have turned to other industries such as the real estate market and the financial industry. The money is fast and the profit is high. Some underwear manufacturers may make some money, but some underwear manufacturers can't recover. As a traditional processing industry, ingorsports has been sticking to the real industry of women's underwear custom processing. The trend of the times, recruiting underwear processing talents, introducing advanced equipment, learning cutting-edge technical knowledge, and making good products, truly make their underwear manufacturers become the leader in the industry.

When many other factories in the same industry said they had no orders, ingorsports had been very busy, and the underwear processing orders had already been placed in 45 days.

Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports insists on taking the concerns of customers as its own problems in the custom processing industry of seamless women's underwear. In today's era of rapid information flow, some of the best-selling underwear styles are often imitated by peer underwear manufacturers. Ingorsports underwear factory established its own development department very early and launched a series of new styles every day. There are nearly 5,000 styles on display in the factory showroom. Sample clothing for customers to choose. An underwear manufacturer that truly provides customers with personalized customization needs.

One thing, insist on doing it for 17 years; one industry, 17 years of deep cultivation. Guangzhou underwear manufacturer ingorsports has been a factory for 17 years. We will go more and more solid in the future. Such underwear manufacturers are worthy of your praise!

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