2010/11 Fall/winter Fashion Trends

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-03-04
Winter is here and as a consequence is the opportunity to show off your fashionable best. Winter is all about parties, parties and more parties, so let's get a sneak peak at what hot and what is not this fall season. Fashion Checklist For Winter 2010/11: Top Color Picks: when its winter, you don't bother about colors. You can go for the colors which always work like black, brown, beige, white, dark blues, muted greens, and dark shades of purple. Or who are take out the funk in you by going for bright oranges, blood reds, and hot pinks. Jeggings : this word being a culmination of jeans and leggings, assures you get a generous doze of both. The comfort of a legging and the style of slacks. Pair it up with a dressy tunic, or a sweater and ankle boots and you are ready to rock. Boots: high boots, low boots, whatever it may be, but boots are always a rage every fall. It can be worn with jeans, leggings, skirts and almost everything. It adds a tough of glamour as well as the hiking boots are rather fashionable this season. Parka: the parka is back any way you like and how! A parka is for those who have practical fashion need. You can oft for the casual parka or a dressier version. The hood is sure to maintain you safe in wild weather changes. Chunky Knitted Sweaters: a sweater may be the way to go this fall. Could certainly choose from the various lengths available, being waist length, mid-length, or even calf-length. Biker Jackets: if to suit your budget the original leather version you must buy it, for the less fortunate, there are various varieties of faux leather version of biker jackets available of the stalls. Faux Fur Jackets: when original animal furs might be a strict no no. You can find the faux fur for rescue. Pick the trendy faux fur coats and jackets and you will probably make heads turn where you go. This fashion checklist forces you to stand out and shine, this fall/winter fashion season. For more details refer fashion steer.
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