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When Lisa Lindhal invented the sports bra in 1977, she was running mainly to find more comfortable clothes (
Interesting fact: she called her first sports bra \"jockbra\" because it was made by sewing two sports bands together).
She has little knowledge that she meets the needs of women around the world who want to participate in sports.
Today, sports bras are essential wardrobes for many women, whether for high impact workouts or for busy afternoon errands.
In order to save you time to find the right fit for your needs and assets, we have screened out the best and best through the Internet
Hardcore Fan reviews that support these choices.
Before you click on add to cart, keep reading and see why these 13 sport bras are the perfect addition to your fitness wardrobe.
At Refinery29, we are here to help you navigate this overwhelming world.
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The comfortable cotton sportswear of the Loom has long been making comfortable underwear, and so have their attempts at sportswear --
Received by customerThe hype: 4.
There are 3 and 3,406 reviews about Amazon out of 5 stars what are they saying: \"Due to the color I need, I have now bought about 15 such bras (and wanted).
They are very comfortable and I throw them in the washing machine and hang them up to prevent shrinkage and they still look and feel new.
I haven\'t experienced a hot rash in the previous few summers, and if it\'s cool, I haven\'t noticed the difference between them and the real bra, I can add a shirt or top, or a shirt.
I sold 100% of the fruit of these loom bras because they are cotton and look very well made. \" -
Amazon\'s Kate Fredricks looks back at the important running sport braknow is known for its excellent running shoes, and Brooks wants to make every part of your workout comfortable and supportive.
This is where their pick-up sports bra works. The hype: 4.
4 out of 5 stars and 210 reviews about Brooks said: \"I love this bra because I\'m running long.
Super support-
Actually, I never thought about my bra.
No need to stop and adjust, just enjoy my run.
I will definitely buy it again. \" -
Tenacious T, Brooks run reviewplus-
The size sports bra actually effectively controlled plus maximum comfort means that this charming sports bra will be the most popular of any women\'s sports clothing. The hype: 4.
4 and 234 reviews of Amazon out of 5 stars what are they saying: \"I\'m 5\'4\", 175, usually wearing 36 DDD (natural)
In My Secret Victoria bra.
I ordered this at 36F and it fits well.
I still have some bounce but only higher impact activity.
I started wearing these as my day-to-day bras throughout the day as they were more comfortable and supportive than I was wearing.
I have bought a few more and I will recommend them to others. \" -
Amazon JHousetee reviews bras made from circulating water bottles. Girlfriend customers like this ecology.
Comfortable and effective friendly bra.
It has nine colors to choose from. The hype: 4.
5 out of 5 stars and 112 reviews about girlfriends what are they saying: \"I\'m a little obsessed with this bra --
This is the most comfortable and supportive bra I have ever had. . .
I can wear it for high intensity exercise, running or sweating exercise, or I can wear it every day (
That\'s what I did).
It\'s soft, supportive, comfortable straps, perfect material, and you don\'t want to wear any other bra anymore.
At least one investment is worth it, I promise. \" -
Brianna, girlfriend reviewed the sport bra that shapes and supports the bra at the same time, it is a tricky task to find a sports bra that can be supported without digging, but my size seems to have been for usThe hype: 4.
4 out of 5 stars and 720 reviews about walmart what they\'re talking about: \"I \'ve been wearing underwear bras most of my adult life, and finally I decided to choose comfort instead of pain
I was worried about your support but decided to try this bra anyway.
I almost forgot that I had put it on and there was no wire digging on me anymore.
I am a 38D and I still have full support.
I bought more and I even liked the shape it gave me. \" -Janna R.
Wal-Mart reviews keep dry bras during your busiest work this Wacoal sports bra is made of moisture
The sweaty fabric means it can withstand high intensity training or running. The hype: 4.
There are 7 out of 5 stars, and they have 1412 comments on NordstromWhat: \"I am a goersman for more than 30 years, I found this to be the best sports bra in any brand I have ever used.
I have this in a lot of colors and it is often used for daily use due to its comfort and naturelooking lift. \" -
Nordstrom Ann Mary
In the support system described by many reviewers as a bra suitable for large breasts, this is a sports bra, and you can be sure that it will keep everything normal while you exercise. The hype: 4.
There were 3 and 4,154 reviews about Amazon out of 5 stars and they said: \"I was worried that I couldn\'t try it on first when I bought a bra, but the price was a problem and I decided to give it a try.
I \'ve lost more than 50 pounds since I started running and lifting weights.
So, I \'ve been trying to find a high value sports bra
Impact Bra for support and comfort.
This is the most comfortable sports bra I have and the one I support most.
I even bought some from the sports store for 3 times the price of this one and they are not that good.
I\'m going to have more! \" -
Amazon\'s Kelsie commented that people who hate sports bras should try this Hanes bra comfortable and lightweight.
This is great for low intensity workouts and busy daily life activities. The hype: 4.
There were 6 and 794 reviews about Wal-Mart out of 5 stars and they said: \"I hate bras.
Always, even when I was young, I was much thinner.
I spent a lot of money looking for the \"one\" I could put on without fear \".
This is it.
Very comfortable.
This is a silky fabric but strong enough.
It has a typical three-set hook so you can adjust it as needed and it is more comfortable than any sports bra.
Try this if you hate bras.
You might be surprised. \"The No-
The Fuss, classic sport BraThe racerback style and strap of this Nike sports bra provide all the support you need, and the design is simple and classic. The hype: 4.
6 of the 5 Stars commented on ZapposWhat: \"The best.
There is nothing new but beautiful colors.
I was running yesterday morning and I really remember I didn\'t even know I was wearing a bra.
These are perfect!
Reduce size by 1.
I don\'t think you will regret this purchase. \" -
The anonymous Zappos reviewed the sports bra made for the larger cup size, its front and safety design, this bra from Enell means that a lady with a larger chest can have no
Hype: 5 out of 5 stars in her room said: \"I love this bra.
If you get caught bigger, this is the only way to run.
I have never had any problems with this bra. I love it.
\"L from New York, her room reviewed the convertible sports bra, which will minimize movement. This Natori convertible bra is designed to be compressed so that it is comfortable and breathable when it is still available. The hype: 4.
5 out of 5 stars have 307 reviews of NordstromWhat and they say: \"I\'m not sure about this sports bra because of its shape and style with any other I have
I like this bra very much!
In cardio it has a lot of support for my big chest.
This is actually my second one and I have to admit that I use it as my weekend bra and even the reason I don\'t exercise. \" -
SueTiz, nordstrom reviews every day of the week the sports bra you will want to wear, this bra is not too loose and not too tight, this is a rare thing but this OalkaThe hype: 4.
5 out of 5 stars, 100 reviews about Amazon, they said: \"I only bought one of them initially, but I like it very much, so I am now
The material is thick, comfortable, tightly and loosely balanced just right.
I rarely find myself trying to adjust it all day. I work 10-and 12-
An hour shift as a nurse, consider this a perfect bra! \" -
Amazon Madison commented on the sports bra that feels like a second skin. Knix Racerback Evolution bra does not contain hardware, there are removable cups, use four
The way the fabric is stretched so that it moves with you during the workout.
Hype: 5 out of 5 stars and 612 reviews on KnixWhat they say: \"my small cup size makes it hard to find a gapping with wires, oversized padding and constant re-
Adjust during exercise.
This bra solved all my problems, thanks! ! ! \" -
Erika K, check out Knix as you can see?
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