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11 celebrity-inspired fads we\'d like to forget

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-10
When fashion comes and goes (
Back as retro occasionally)
, The availability of MTV and the internet means for recent generations
The Minted style can move from \"in\" to \"out\" faster than you do with online orders at PacSun, instead of some of the other equally pointless fashions.
So, who is behind these trends that suddenly appear and spread like wildfire?
It\'s usually some damn celebrity. For instance . . .
11 ice-breaking jeans
\"Marky\" Mark WahlbergThe drooping pants began to appear around 1992, but back in 1988, rapper Ice-
T is bragging about his \"fashionable pants \"(
\"Color\" in track \")
So since we have his record, we blame him for starting the whole thing.
By the age of 1993, Marky Mark Wahlberg was doing a Calvin Klein ad to show the look, and no one had left it out of the mainstream. Good job, guys.
You create such a bad trend that they have to use prison to threaten people to stop it.
10 The \"Rachel\" Jennifer Aniston hairstyle worn by Aniston in her early years was rated as \"the most influential hairstyle ever\", although we questioned any earwax that did not include Princess Leia\'s survey of the top 10
Obviously, its influence is limited to fans who replicate this style in 1996, and then immediately after realizing that everyone has the same hairstyle as you, it\'s more embarrassing to give up this style than to see another person wearing the same outfit.
9 shoulder guard Melanie Griffith thin 1988, starring Melanie Griffith in a wide range of continuous
To show women the way to success is to pretend to be someone else and boning Harrison Ford.
Harrison Ford has lobbied hard to make \"Bonning Harrison Ford\" a mainstream fashion trend for women, but this is an annoying case ---
Legally we can\'t say it, but it rhymes with \"syphilis ---
Pulled him out of the running and shoulder.
Pad became the ultimate symbol after 80-
Empowerment of Women.
Because it\'s clear that the best way to convince people to take you seriously is to wear like your suit, with almost no muscles that contain rippling on your huge shoulders.
Women dressed up as middle-back end up losing their appeal, but the fashion world is busy bringing them back recently.
At the same time, we are still trying to figure out why the male version of this trend has never been popular since then.
8 pickling jeans PoisonThis style, including the treatment of denim with chemicals that fade dye and produce white stripes in jeans, became popular in the medium term\'80s.
Even though it looks cool to advertise something washed with acid, by making sure the jeans are the skin, this look is usually destroyed --
Wear closely with matching pickling jacket and hairspray-lacquered hair.
This seems to start with a post-80 s hair metal band, as poison shows this look on stage before every post-80 s sitcom star and high school student picks it up.
I hope we don\'t learn the tragic lessons of history. stores are trying to make a comeback, probably because there is enough time to unload a warehouse full of unsold pairs on a new generation of unsuspecting consumers.
They can already see it in some celebrities, like Rihanna, who is still alive when this first time it gets big, so don\'t know what else is better.
Vice president of Miami, Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas.
Super skin-friendly soft linen settight pastel t-
Shirt without socks, shoes, shadow at 5. . .
There was a time when these things together made up the most manly look on Earth.
It was an era called \"post-80 s.
If you\'re really strongas-
In Miami, DingTalk undercover police, which is exactly what it takes to penetrate into the most dangerous drug cartels.
Because if you dress up 60year-
Old Italian interior designer, no one will doubt that the bump in your pants is an automatic weapon.
Unfortunately, this doesn\'t look very effective when every jerk stockbroker in the country starts to dress.
No socks in Miami summer = comfort.
Detroit has no socks in winter = double due to freezingFoot amputated
Gold Tooth-flavored FlavNothing says \"bold fashion manifesto\", just like covering important body parts with expensive metal.
Of course, nothing says \"You look like an idiot\" better than having a little bit of food between those golden teeth.
Do you know how hard it is to clean the grill with floss?
Do you know how bad the rotten food trapped there is?
The only thing worse than dating broccoli istooth-
The smell of a smile is a reflection of seeing you on the golden tooth, reminding you that you are dating him.
Seems to have inspired a generation of rappers to start wearing these ridiculous clothes after 80 s (
He bought his stuff from a store in New York, which is apparently the first to sell retarded stuff).
At least the teeth are caught, not the huge clock.
Pacific Northwest lumberjacks in early 1990 know it\'s hard to determine who your partner is
Forest workers from the Gap Corpsplaid-
Young men in clothes
Enter your forest from the nearby Lolapalooza concert.
Fortunately, none of this generation of Xers has been hurt because even trees are too cold to consider falling in this garbage revolution.
Music fans have been trying for generations to invent a way to play their favorite tunes out loud in order to explode throughout the slums.
Finally, in the early 80 s, with 70-
Audio equipment that highlights the dangerous level of bass --
The heavy sound goes straight into your ears at 10-
The radius of the block, realized: the bomber of the slum, also known as the boom box and \"if you don\'t turn it off, I\'ll put your head in with a rusty tube.
\"What we\'re saying is that the first mainstream rap like LL Cool J was so popular, mainly because we didn\'t want to admit that the post-80 break dance team did that before they did.
These are all-
IPod, now everyone on the street is listening to mp3 with discreet headphones, and we may miss the time when you can hear your friends approaching from three miles away.
3Leg warmers Jennifer BealsHey, you know what tradition the Green Bay Packers have as team leaders, don\'t wear sleeves even if it\'s minus 40 degrees at the time of the game, just to show them
Legs in wool-
Before dancing indoors, the sleeves help to keep the muscles warm, which is exactly the opposite of what you can get, and this part explains 1984-of 140 players-
0 victory over the crew.
The purse chain is good for Charlotte, and any Nu metal bandA is a perfect example of a stylish trampling feature.
You are a big star, you have a wallet full of $1 million bills and you are often pushed by assistants, fans and paparazzi . .
So, you get a big chain, hang it on your wallet, make sure no one can grab it and leave quickly.
Good idea, a few members of the nu metal band!
But you\'re not a celebrity.
You\'re just an ordinary person, walking down the street, a huge chain that shows where your wallet is for every mental tramp you pass.
How far can you run when they throw a knife at you?
Why did the chain they just grabbed make you: Full 2 feet!
This is the best stab distance for the tramp.
When you are lying on the sidewalk bleeding, you can only hope that the knife injury is the next big trend.
Spandex Rose, Milli VanilliSpandex, developed in 1959 by a DuPont scientist, hopes to display the genitals of male cyclists without violating public nude laws.
After 80 s, elastic bike shorts can be seen in the music community, from headwear to pop stars, to female dancers in almost any rap music video.
Gun Rose lead singer Axl Rose may not be the first person to love the look, but his white \"I \'ve sprayed my trash\" shorts are definitely the most hurtful in our memory.
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